The frontier of medicine: new compounds may inhibit cervical cancer

Japanese researchers have reported that they have developed a compound to suppress cervical cancer that has been confirmed in animal trials and plans to conduct clinical trials this year.

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The frontier of medicine: new compounds may inhibit cervical cancer

Human papillomavirus is the main cause of cervical cancer. Researchers from institutions such as Kyoto University in Japan recently published a paper in the US academic journal Clinical Cancer Research, saying they had invented a compound called FIT-039, in experiments using epithelial cells from cervical cancer patients. This compound inhibits virus proliferation.

The team also conducted animal experiments in which human cervical cancer cells were transplanted into mice and fed with the compound, which also inhibited the proliferation of cancer cells in mice. After 3 weeks, compared with the control group, the proliferation rate of cancer cells was decreased by 30%, and no side effects were observed.

The researchers believe that the compound may be a new option to prevent cervical cancer, and in the future they will confirm its impact on reproductive function, and plan to conduct clinical trials in early cervical cancer patients in 2018.

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