Summer is hot season! This should be done after sunburn!

Summer is hot, people are more irritable, when cooking is very easy to burn. At the same time, summer wear less, most of the skin exposed, it is easy to sunburn skin. So, when burning and scalding, how to deal with it?

Never smear after burn and burn

1 Band-Aid will deepen the wound.

Band-Aid is used to deal with minor wound injuries, if used in burns and scalds, the use of the process will damage the epidermis or fresh tissue that has just grown to tear, deepening the wound. At the same time after burning and scalding surrounding tissue will appear swelling, Band-Aid sticky too tight will cause blood flow unobstructed, appear more serious injury.

2 toothpaste is liable to infection.

The toothpaste applied on the wound is not strictly medically sterilized, it is unhygienic, and may also be conducive to the growth of bacteria. Other unfavorable ointment may also have side effects on the wound, making the wound surface more susceptible to infection.

3 apply red medicine, can not see the degree of scalding.

After burning and scalding, the doctor should first judge the depth and area of burn according to the color and texture of skin, to determine the next treatment plan. If the use of red medicine, purple medicine will be scald site dyeing, doctors difficult to judge the degree of burn.

How should burn deal with?

After scalding, do not panic first, the correct treatment method 3 steps:

1. Should leave fire or heat source quickly, take off the clothes that catch fire as soon as possible, but the action should be gentle, avoid to break blister, aggravation injury.

2. Wash with flowing cold water, also can use cold water soaked towel, gauze pad and so on apply on the wound. For those with obvious pain, soak in cold water for 10-30 minutes. Cold therapy is generally suitable for small and medium area burns, especially for burns of limbs.

3. After treatment, apply a layer of Beijing Wanhong ointment, can also use gauze dressing, with clean sheets, clothing and other simple dressing.

Special reminder: mild burn can be treated in accordance with the above steps, if the burn is serious, in good basic treatment, should be quickly sent to the nearest hospital for treatment.

In addition to burns, summer sunburn is also very common, if it is sunburn, how to deal with?

How to deal with sunburn?

The simple and effective way is to replenish water in time.

1. Spray mineral water can be sprayed evenly on sunburn. Be sure to spray your skin after it has cooled. Because, when skin temperature is too high, if use cool water to cool down immediately, can because heat bilges cold shrink, temperature difference is too big instead, cause skin allergy.

2. Can use electric fan or air conditioning to blow first, the scalding feeling of the skin is eliminated, the salt of the body is washed thoroughly with warm water, next use spray.

In addition, you can also use iodophor gauze to reduce the burning pain, and then apply Beijing Wanhong ointment to the affected area to form a protective layer. At the same time to eat high nutrition, rich in vitamin C, fresh and easy to digest, light food, help eliminate symptoms, promote skin tissue repair.

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