Poor sleep in children can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes

Lack of sleep can increase the risk of obesity among minors, according to a new British study. 

To study the relationship between obesity in minors and sleep, British scientists analyzed the results of the past 42 trials. These trials involved 75000 children and adolescents under the age of 18 with an average follow-up period of three years. The researchers regularly tracked the subjects’ sleep habits, health status and body mass index through questionnaires and wearable devices. The results showed that children with sleep deprivation gained more weight than those with adequate sleep of the same age. The former were on average 58% more likely to be overweight or obese than the latter. Specifically, infants aged 4 to 11 months had less than 12 hours of sleep per night, the risk of obesity was increased by 40 or 3 years, and children aged 5 years had less than 10 hours of sleep. The risk of obesity was increased by 570.The risk of obesity among children aged 6 to 13 was increased by less than 9 hours, and the risk of obesity by 1233,1417 years of age was increased by less than 8 hours of sleep. The risk of obesity increased by 30%. 

Overweight can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes, which are beginning to grow younger as sleep deprivation increases in modern children, according to the study, published in the American Journal.Increasing the length of sleep may be an easy way to prevent childhood obesity, researchers say.

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