Hot summer sun dazzling!Do not want macular disease upper body, so do eye protection more comprehensive.

With the advent of summer and the increase of sunshine time, the issue of sun protection has once again aroused public concern. But you know what? Hot summer not only to do a good job of skin sunscreen, “soul window” eyes sunscreen work is not to be careless! In fact, to eliminate macular lesions on the upper body, in addition to actively guard against 3C products brought by the blue light hazards, people should be more careful of the daily omnipresent sunlight.Especially when driving, if the public does not take good precautions, it is not only easy to affect the sight of cars, but also expose their eyes to the threat of blue light in the long run without knowing it!


Macular lesions easily caused by blue light. 

Because of the omnipresent sunlight and the visible light in the light compared with other colors, the blue light belongs to the short wavelength and strong energy wave band in the spectrum, and it is easier to penetrate the cornea and lens of the human body. Under long-term accumulation, it is easy to accelerate the aging of retinal, macular and other eye cells and the probability of pathological changes. 

And macular disease is an irreversible eye injury, once suffering from vision will gradually blurred, distorted, more likely to lead to blindness. Therefore, in order to effectively avoid macular lesions, how to reduce the external environment potential blue light injury, avoid long-term eye exposure to blue light, but also become a major maintenance issue for modern people! 

Blue light harms the eyes, the sun is the main culprit. 

Blu-ray is not only available on mobile phones, tablets and computers, but is ubiquitous around life, such as the sun, television, office lighting and so on. Among them, the highest percentage of the sun is the most ubiquitous. Especially, when you go out and drive, the glaring sunlight often shines directly into the driving eyes, causing a threat of blue light that can’t dodge the oncoming. If driving friends neglect the seriousness of the incident, they may unconsciously be exposed to the Blu-ray crisis, thus causing their eyes to suffer from harmful blue and ultraviolet rays. 

Anti-blue light has a knack for eye protection new trends: outdoor exercise, driving be more careful. 

But the summer weather is sunny, and it is summer vacation, the public drive travel, arrangements for long-distance travel opportunities will often greatly increase! Therefore, in order to protect the window of the soul from the threat of blue light and prevent macular lesions on the upper body, in addition to the use of mobile phones, computers and other 3C products, through the application of blue light protection stickers, actively match the use of Blu-ray filtering software. 

When we go out, we should form the habit of wearing sunglasses and sun-shading hats and using umbrellas! In particular, friends who prefer to travel or travel by car, may wish to consider adding a blue ray resistant insulation film to the front gear and window glass to reduce the damage caused by blue light and ultraviolet light to the eyes of the driver and the passengers inside the car. 

Buy anti-Blu-ray car heat insulation film has a knack test report to prove more reassuring. 

Car owners who want to know if the insulation film can play the role of anti-blue light, may wish to include the blue light resistance test report in the first selection reference, and the following indicators can also be used for the purchase of the insulation film. These include visible Light transmittance, ultraviolet barrier ratio (UV reduction), infrared barrier rate (IR rejection rate), total thermal insulation ratio (total Solar Energy Rejection) and total solar barrier ratio (total Solar Energy Rejection). 

But want to remind is, although on the market most thermal insulation film brand has sunscreen, heat insulation function, may not necessarily have the role of filtering blue light. The newly developed MAXPRO anti-blue heat insulation film, which has a unique blue light resistant coating, has been proved by the original factory precision instrument test and SGS test in addition to its high efficiency thermal insulation protection. It can effectively block the harmful blue light produced in sunlight (wavelength 400 ~ 450nm), and after testing, it is found that the anti-blue light effect is more than 30% in the same grade heat insulation film. In addition, it has anti-glare function and does not contain metal components, so it does not affect the use of any 3C products and E-Tag usage. 

Know how to buy the insulation film is to effectively protect the driving eyes, away from the sun in the blue light injury, and can enjoy high insulation, clear vision, to achieve a safe driving environment, a good way to count!

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