Can babies eat sugar cane?

Can the baby eat sugar cane?

The baby should eat sugar cane carefully. The baby eats sugarcane to pull, break, pout and so on, can exert too much force, can make the tissue of gums suffer certain damage, still can make tooth grow to the direction of regular force, tooth can grow easily crooked and twisted. At the same time, sugar cane is very high, if you eat before going to bed at night without brushing your teeth, sugar is turned into acid substances through bacterial fermentation, which will slowly lead to dental caries and pose a great threat to the health of your teeth.

Sugar cane is rich in sugar and minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and there is plenty of carotene in sugar cane, which can meet the needs of baby. However, the excessive consumption of sugar cane still has a certain effect on the body. The baby must eat sugar cane carefully.

1, the sugar cane that the baby eats excessive can make the blood sugar concentration inside the body rises, cause baby skin to appear small furuncle swollen or painful swelling, when serious still may cause bacteremia. Excessive sugar in the baby body, will make the baby physical acid, reduce the body immune function, induce colds or skin infection, therefore, the baby should not eat sugar cane every day more than 50 grams.

2, eat sugar cane to wait for baby to vomit dregs, if baby do not pay attention to spit dregs, eat sugarcane when meeting very easily choke throat, easy occurrence asphyxiation accident.

3, give the baby sugar cane will have an impact on the young teeth, so it is recommended that the mother wait until the baby 3 years old to eat before 3 years old had better squeeze into juice for the baby to drink a little better.

How babies eat Sugarcane to be safe

Sugar cane juice is so sweet that babies love it. Parents must pay attention to moldy sugar cane can not be eaten by the baby, it is easy to cause poisoning. There is also attention to food hygiene, because the sugar cane in the transport of many bacteria and bacteria in the epidermis, for the weak baby, these are the cause of disease.

1. Sugarcane and hepatitis A. A children’s hospital for hepatitis A statistics found that the peak incidence of hepatitis A in children and sugar cane season is basically consistent with 90% of the patients have a history of eating sugar cane. This is due to the long distance trafficking of sugar cane, the number of germs, viruses and parasite eggs attached to the epidermis. If you do not wash when eating, or with no disinfection knife peeling, or even skin gnawing, these pathogenic microorganisms through the mouth into the digestive system, making waves, so that people infected with hepatitis A, dysentery, enteritis and other diseases.

2. Due to poor storage and storage, poor ventilation, excessive humidity, and the deterioration of sugarcane is easy to be contaminated by mold. Metamorphic sugarcane heart color is slightly darker, showing light brown color (normal sugarcane heart is milky white, eating spoilage sugarcane will cause poisoning. It causes gastrointestinal dysfunction and neurological symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, black eyes, diplopia, and sometimes aphasia and incontinence. Even death. And often leave sequelae, such as limb paralysis, mental retardation and so on. Therefore, spoilt and contaminated sugarcane should not be sold; buyers should also be good at identifying them and not be victimized by cheap ones.

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