Nuts: vitamin C is 17 times higher than apple!

Black sesame, almonds, cashews, pistachios and other nuts contain calcium, especially black sesame. Nuts are a treasure trove of vitamin B group, vitamin E and minerals, which indirectly help strengthen bone density, boost metabolism, and help remove intestinal waste by its high fiber properties.

Make use of the good fat of nuts, you can reduce the chance of cooking oil. Nuts can be served in cold salads and in thick soup. And nuts contain cellulose and other trace elements that help catalyze fat and can be slimmed down when eaten in moderation every day.

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almonds pistachios cashews dried nuts
Nuts: vitamin C is 17 times higher than apple!

Nuts are anti-inflammatory soldiers.

Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios are important supporting roles in the Mediterranean diet. Nuts aren’t just snacks! Time magazine included nuts as one of the top 10 healthy foods, and a US study found that eating a handful of nuts a day reduced the death rate by 20 percent compared to those who did not eat nuts at all.

Yoshinichi Yoshikawa, president of Kyoto University of Medical Sciences and specialized physician of the Japanese Academy of Aging Medicine, says nuts are the seeds of many plants. In order to wait for the right time to germinate, these seeds must endure for a long time the sun and strong changes in temperature without decay. So small nuts have strong antioxidant properties, and so do beans such as soybeans.

Nuts contain anti-inflammatory ingredients: vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids.

The vitamin E contained in nut oil has the function of anti-oxidation, eliminating free radicals, protecting cells from free radicals, preventing cell aging and promoting blood circulation. Also can help the skin moisturizes, prevents the melanin deposition to form the spot, and prevents the skin to appear the wrinkle, is the rare health beauty food.

Walnuts are a good choice if you want to get more antioxidants. According to a US study, walnuts contain 215 times as much vitamin E as other nuts. In addition, the alpha-linolenic acid in walnuts can also reduce bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent arteriosclerosis caused by inflammation of blood vessels. Do a good job of cardiovascular health care.

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