8 Longevity habits of men

Many male friends usually do not pay attention to health care, once suffering from disease and wrong. Over the same term, health will cause great harm. Therefore, modern male health care should be subject to the following advice given by the physician in daily life.

8 Longevity habits of men
8 Longevity habits of men

Chest pains must be checked.

After the manual work or exercise, some men will appear chest pain, usually, rest a moment chest pain will stop, but should be vigilant, this may be a heart disease early symptoms, it is best to go to a hospital for health counseling and check.

Focus on covert testicular cancer.

Men aged 20 to 40 are susceptible to tumors, and testicular cancer is one of them. If found in time, the cure rate of the disease reached 85%. Men should often self-examination sexual organs, preferably in a warm bath after, if found on the skin has a bulging small bag, should go to the hospital immediately check.

Don’t be too ill to go to the hospital

Many men dislike to see a doctor trouble, according to statistics, 80% of serious patients admitted that they are due to long-term not to seek medical treatment, so that small disease mistakenly into a large disease, delaying the best treatment time. The annual physical examination is the best way to keep fit.

Try to eat less greasy and fried food

Men’s tastes are generally heavier, and they love to eat greasy and fried foods, which can easily increase the risk of vascular disease. Therefore, should eat more light food, eat vegetable oil less to eat animal oils, usually eat more garlic and fish, moderate drink some red wine, this can reduce cholesterol content.

No Smoking Best

Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, lung cancer , and respiratory diseases. Want to have health best to quit smoking, for a while should eat more carrots, sweet peppers, onions, garlic, spinach and fruit, often tea

Care about the mole on your body

If the mole no longer increases or bleeds, the mole itself is not in danger. Always pay attention to their own moles there is no abnormal phenomenon, to avoid the malignant transformation of moles have serious consequences.

Maintain a certain amount of physical activity

Modern men’s physical activity is less and more, the weight of the population increased year by year, the excess weight of the heart and joints caused a great burden. Therefore, it is best for men to take frequent walks and often participate in physical exercise.

It’s important to know the family history.

According to modern medicine, many pathology is hereditary. So men should also be aware of their family history, do know the timely prevention, and targeted to do a good job in daily health.

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