Why do Americans like “cow dung cake” in India

India is a magical country. 

Of course, it includes their god cows all over the street. 

They all know that this Indian likes to drink cow urine, and they think it is a good health care. A former Indian prime minister, Desai, visited the United States. In an interview with television, he said he was Hale and hearty in his late 80s because he drank cow urine every day. He decided that cow urine was the most nutritious of all drinks in the world. 

Not only do they drink fresh cow urine, they also fill it in exquisite containers and push it to the mall to meet the needs of high-end urban consumers: 

India called cow urine as “cow water,” specially developed into a variety of cola drinks, after the market demand exceeds supply: 

Why do Americans like Indian dung cake best?

Of course, the whole body of God cattle is treasure, cow dung is no exception. 

As an energy-hungry agricultural country, India has more than 300 million cows, which produce large amounts of dung every day, which naturally become an inexhaustible treasure trove for Indians. In addition to making fertilizer, they also made cow dung into round cakes and dried them on the wall to make cooking for a fire. 

Smart Indians also invented roasted fish with cow dung, and cooked the dried fish directly on the hot dung, which looked delicious, right? 

The once-popular Indian “spiced cow dung cake” has proved to be a good thing, and while it looks too much like cow dung, it’s actually an Indian street snack called “fried liver with bread”: 

Why do Americans like Indian dung cake best?

How dare you try it? 

Cow dung is so sacred that Indians use it to exorcise their children, hoping to bring good luck to them. In some parts of India, such as Madhya Pradesh, mothers roll their children one day after Diwali in a pile of flower-sown cow dung. It is said that the more cow droppings they get, the more blessed they will be: 

Of course, happiness cannot be left to the children alone. On the second day of the Indian New year, there is a big “cow dung throwing” ceremony in some places. Tens of thousands of Indians will throw cow dung at each other to pray for health, and the occasion will be unparalleled: 

Someone said, cow shit! How unsanitary it is. You are so ignorant of it that Indians believe that cow dung is not only very hygienic, it can also treat a lot of skin diseases, with beauty and beauty effect. The use of cow dung is the product of traditional Indian medicine, which mixes milk, curd, butter, urine and fresh feces from cows and is said to have a magical effect: 

It was a pity that such a good thing would not be used for the benefit of more people, so the Indians made fine soap out of cow dung: 

After all this, can Indian cow dung be eaten as food? This remains to be verified. It’s not a fuss to say that Indians really use their ingenuity to turn cow shit into a delicacy. 

Anyway, cow dung and cow urine are so widely used that even if Indians don’t eat them, Modi would have filled them with GDP. 

Americans, for all their admiration for India’s economic miracle, should not have a good appetite for cow dregs. 

What do you think?

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