What are the benefits and benefits of grapefruit?

Introduction of grapefruit.

Pomelo is the mature fruit of grapefruit, which is produced in Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi and other southern regions of China. Grapefruit is one of the fruits that people like to eat, and it is recognized by the medical profession as the most effective fruit with food treatment, because it is fragrant, sour and sweet, cool and moist, rich in nutrition and high in medicinal value. Pomelo tea and pomelo peel are also of practical value.

What are the benefits and benefits of grapefruit?

Grapefruit skin thick and resistant to storage, generally can be stored for three months without losing the aroma, so there is a “natural fruit can” said. The shape of pomelo is round, symbolizing reunion, so it is also the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival fruit. More importantly, the grapefruit’s “pomelo” and the blessed “you” are synonymous with each other, and the grapefruit is regarded as having the meaning of auspicious. Chinese New year eating grapefruit symbolizes gold and jade full hall, pomelo and “have” homonym, is big pomelo has a meaning, remove bad luck to bring good luck in the coming year.

The nutritional value of grapefruit

Grapefruit contains sugar, vitamin B1 , vitamin B2, vitamin C , vitamin P, carotene, potassium, phosphorus, tannic acid and others. The main components of pomelo peel are pomelo peel, neohesperidin, etc. The pomelo core contains fatty oil, flavonoids, and flavonoids. It is sweet and sour, slightly bitter, and it is recognized by the medical community as the most therapeutically beneficial fruit.

The edible nutrient content per 100 grams is as follows:

Nutrient namecontentNutrient namecontentNutrient namecontent
Moisture84.80 (g)Vitamin A2.00 (micrograms)calcium4.00 (mg)
protein0.80 (g)carotene0.01 (mg)phosphorus24.00 (mg)
fat0.20 (g)Vitamin B20.03 (mg)iron0.3 (mg)
Carbohydrates9.50 (g)Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)41.00 (mg)Potassium0.12 (g)
Heat41.00 kcalSulfuric acid0.07 (mg)sodium3.00 (mg)
Dietary fiber0.40 (g)Riboflavin0.02 (mg)magnesium4.00 (mg)
Niacin0.50 (mg)copper0.18 (mg)Zinc0.40 (mg)
niacin0.30 (mg)selenium0.70 (micrograms)manganese0.08 (mg)

Effect and function of pomelo.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that grapefruit taste sweet, acid, sexual cold, has the effect of invigorating stomach, reducing phlegm, light body and so on, main treatment cough and asthma, Qi depression chest tightness, abdominal cold pain, food stagnation, hernia and so on.

Grapefruit flesh: taste of glycolic acid, cold, non-toxic, spleen, cough, antialcoholic effect;

Pomelo peel: taste hard sweet, sex warm, have phlegm, cough, Qi, analgesic effect;

Modern medical research found that pomelo meat contains a very rich in vitamin C and insulin-like components, so there are hypoglycemia, lowering blood lipid, weight loss, skin and capacity, and so on. Often eat, high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular sclerosis and other diseases have auxiliary treatment, obesity has the function of health care.

Grapefruit also has the function of invigorating stomach, moistening lung, tonifying blood, clearing intestine and facilitating stool, which can promote wound healing and has good auxiliary effect on septicemia and so on. In addition, grapefruit contains physiological active substances, dermatoside, can reduce the viscosity of blood, reduce the formation of thrombosis, so on cerebrovascular diseases, such as cerebral thrombosis, stroke and so on has a better preventive effect. But the fresh grapefruit meat because contains the similar insulin ingredient, is the diabetes sufferer’s ideal food.

Suitable crowd of grapefruit.

Suitable crowd: pregnant women, nursing mothers are suitable to eat grapefruit, have Yin deficiency body thin, digestive function weakened, irritating vacuity dryness and other symptoms can also be eaten in moderation. In particular, many fruits are considered “enemies” by people with diabetes, while grapefruit is their “holy fruit” and can be eaten in moderation under the guidance of a doctor.

Careful eating crowd: grapefruit, like all fruits, is good, but it can’t be eaten indefinitely. Eating grapefruit is also taboo, such as swelling of limbs, fear of cold, abdominal distension, diarrhea, stool often loose, and other symptoms, should eat less.

Edible for the general population.

1. Suffering from stomach disease, dyspepsia, chronic bronchitis, cough, phlegm and asthma, especially for patients with cardio-cerebral nephropathy;

2. Those with spleen deficiency and loose stool were careful to eat.

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