Can the baby eat grapefruit? Could it be bad?

Can the baby eat grapefruit?

In order to supplement the diversity of nutrition for the baby, parents are also a variety of fruits to supplement the baby, that baby can eat grapefruit? Babies can eat grapefruit. Eating grapefruit in moderation is of great help in treating your baby’s poor appetite, weak mouth and indigestion.

Can the baby eat grapefruit?  Could it be bad?
Can the baby eat grapefruit? Could it be bad?

When the baby is 8 months old, the mother can use grapefruit juice to drink for the baby, wait until 1 year old to let the baby take peeled grapefruit himself. One petal at most a day. Because grapefruit sex is cold, eat more easily cause gastrointestinal tract discomfort, so recommend abdomen cold, often suffer from diarrhea baby had better eat less. Note that the outer peel of pomelo, although has a good expectorant antitussive effect, but because of bitter taste, the baby does not like, do not force the baby to eat.

What’s good for baby grapefruit?

Grapefruit’s “temperament” cold, sour than sweet, has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing yin, growing body to relieve thirst, moistening lung and resolving phlegm, clearing intestines and facilitating stool, can cure the baby to eat little, the mouth is weak, indigestion and other symptoms.

The benefits of grapefruit for your baby:

1. The content of vitamin C in grapefruit meat is abundant.

Grapefruit meat contains a variety of nutrients for the growth and development of the baby, vitamin C content is the most abundant, per 100g of pomelo contains vitamin C 45-200mg. In addition, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and other content of more.

2. Pomelo peel and grapefruit meat can improve immunity.

Both grapefruit meat and pomelo peel contain naringin, which can scavenge the free radicals and improve the immunity of the baby. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory effect. It is worth mentioning that the pomelo peel also contains rich carotene minerals and volatile oil and so on nutritional components are also worth using.

3.The content of pectin in pulp is high and the vascular wall is protected.

Grapefruit flesh in the pectin content is very high, is the leader of many fruits. Pectin can not only reduce the level of low density lipoprotein, but also reduce the degree of damage to the arterial wall, which is beneficial to the blood vessel wall of the baby.

4. To relieve thirst and relieve thirst, to moisten the intestines and relieve defecation.

In addition to nutrients, grapefruit has a high medicinal value. Grapefruit taste glycyrrhizic, sexual cold, has the effect of jinjin, phlegm, cough, smooth bowel defecation, can assist in the treatment of baby constipation, chronic cough, asthma phlegm. If the baby defecate dry, can also eat some grapefruit, can achieve the therapeutic effect of defecation.

5, when the baby stomach food accumulation stagnation, indigestion, the appropriate amount of pomelo peel cut into silk and water to boil, tea drink clothing, can eat, appetizer, ventilation, can be comfortable.

6. If your baby often has a cold, cough, or trachea sensitivity, your mother can leave fresh grapefruit to peel off. With north apricot, Fritillaria, unbleached snow ear (or yellow ear) 30 grams each, plus several bottles of honey (preferably can moisten the lungs cough honey) stewed for one day, can often take to strengthen the lungs.

7. Treatment of frostbite.

In the cold winter, many babies are prone to frostbite on their hands or other parts. Boil water with dried grapefruit skin and apply it to the frostbite area when it is very thick. However, pay attention to the temperature of the towel covered with frostbite and not be too hot. To avoid hurting the baby’s delicate skin. In addition cannot be applied in broken skin, this method if long-term adhere to, will put an end to frostbite after suffering, pot good towel had better be used alone. The grapefruit water should be boiled every time.

Precautions for babies to eat grapefruit.

Although the nutritional value of grapefruit is high, but not everyone can eat, not always can eat, if the baby has these conditions, or try to eat grapefruit as little as possible.

1, grapefruit has the effect of smooth intestines, so if the stomach cold, diarrhea baby had better eat or do not eat grapefruit.

2, eat too much grapefruit, may also affect the baby, cause the baby diarrhea or liver affected.

3. The baby should not eat grapefruit during taking medicine.

Grapefruit contains an unknown active substance, which can inhibit an enzyme in human intestine, interfere with the normal metabolism of drugs and increase the blood concentration. Affect liver detoxification, liver function damage, but also may cause other adverse reactions, or even poisoning.

Not with grapefruit juice drugs: coronary heart disease commonly used calcium antagonists, hypolipidemic drugs, digestive system commonly used cisapride and caffeine antipyretic analgesic drugs and so on.

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