This kind of yogurt is not suitable for your baby to drink

When summer comes, drinking cool yoghurt is always very comfortable, but some parents are very tangled. Yogurt so cool, so sour, can the baby drink? How much baby can you drink yogurt? What kind of yogurt do you drink? Let’s talk about the baby’s yoghurt.

This kind of yogurt is not suitable for your baby to drink
This kind of yogurt is not suitable for your baby to drink

The “coolness” of yogurt is not the reason why babies cannot drink

In fact, as long as you are a year old, your baby will have no problem drinking yoghurt, and you may even be close to one year old.

Yogurt contains lactic acid and live lactic acid bacteria, they are good for the health of the digestive tract, but also help inhibit harmful bacteria in food.

Although lactic acid bacteria in ordinary yoghurt cannot be planted in the human intestine, they contribute to the body during the process of passing through the intestines.

Moreover, the “coolness” of yogurt is not the reason why babies cannot drink.Yogurt can be given to the baby as long as it is kept for a half hour and put at room temperature.

Because of the presence of lactic acid and lactic acid bacteria, yoghurt put at room temperature for one or two hours will not cause harmful bacteria such as exceeding the standard, and it is safer than putting an hour or two of milk and brewing milk powder.

Even when your baby diarrhea because of bacterial food poisoning, it is OK to drink cold yogurt, milk and milk powder, but temporarily can not drink.

However, it is also necessary to consider what the state of yogurt is. Some yoghurt is not very suitable for baby food.

Not suitable for baby drinking yogurt

1. “Cottage” yogurt

First of all, some products that look like yogurt are not suitable for babies to drink.

The shelves on the market for yoghurt are often filled with milk-containing beverages, milk-containing desserts, and even foreign products. What milk pudding, milk mousse, yoghurt pudding, and very stylish products with various names are not yoghurt, and the price is quite expensive.

In these products, the protein content is usually only one-half to one-third of ordinary yogurt, fat and sugar down a lot, but also add flavor and other ingredients with low nutritional value, not suitable for baby nutrition.

Because they are put together with yogurt, it is very easy to get confused. Be sure to open your eyes and look at the product type. Is it “fermented milk (yoghurt)”? If not, don’t buy it.

2. Fruit yogurt, cereal yogurt, old yogurt

Second, the addition of fruit, grain yogurt is not suitable for baby to drink.

Many yogurts like to add fruit, coconut, grain and so on. These ingredients can increase the taste of yogurt, but it may cause baby trouble!

After all, the swallowing function of the baby under 3 years old is still not sound. When inhaling yogurt, it is easy to suck these granular food particles into the respiratory tract, causing unnecessary danger.

Therefore, it is recommended that the baby drink plain yoghurt without any other particulates.

In the same way, those old yogurts that are frozen too “ceramic” are not suitable for babies to drink. Because of the addition of gelling agents, these products are harder than the jelly of home-made, solidified yoghurt and are a bit like pudding and jelly. If the baby is not careful when eating, freeze-dried foods can easily be inhaled into the trachea. If you have to eat, you must wait a bit bigger and parents should take care of them.

3. High-end luxury yogurt

In addition, some so-called high-end yoghurts that have added too much cream are not suitable for babies to drink.

There are many new types of yogurt products available on the market. In order to enhance the rich and delicate taste, a lot of cream is added. Their fat content is much higher than that of ordinary yoghurt 3g/100g, up to 3 times higher than ordinary yogurt.

These yogurt products seem to be luxurious, but contain a lot of saturated fat, the calories are twice that of regular yogurt, and the ratio of protein supply to energy is lower, and the nutrient density of B vitamins and calcium is also lower.

When the baby eats these yogurts, it is equivalent to eating yogurt and eating a big chunk of butter, and it feels full. However, babies 1-2 years old do not need so much saturated fat.

So, if the baby loves to eat, give it a little, don’t eat one at a time.

4. A lot of sugar yogurt

Some products known as “children’s yoghurt”, or Japanese-style, Korean-style yoghurt products, add too much sugar and are not suitable for babies to drink.

Some yogurt products are significantly higher than normal sugar levels (7 grams of sugar in 100 grams of yogurt, carbohydrate content of about 11% -12%), the highest commercially available even reached 17% of the carbohydrate content, indicating that in addition to milk Lactose also added 13% sugar.

This particularly sweet yoghurt tends to cultivate bad eating habits of sweet taste. At the same time, because of too much sugar, it will reduce the nutrient density of yogurt.

Plain yogurt is best for baby

It is best to buy plain yoghurt for the baby, no flavor, no fruit, no steamed bread, carbohydrate content in the 10%-11% level, fat content of about 3% just fine.

The baby drinks protein, calcium, B vitamins, vitamins AD from milk, lactic acid produced by yogurt fermentation, and other beneficial ingredients produced by lactic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria.

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