The advantages and disadvantages of drinking lemon water

Lemonade is a well-known nutritious drink, isn’t it? We all know that lemonade has little side effect and many benefits. But if you read this article, you will find many side effects about drinking lemonade.

So, is drinking lemonade good or bad? What harm will it do if you drink lemonade every day?

What are the benefits of lemons and can they help people live longer?

The disadvantages of lemonade

If you insist on drinking lemonade every day, it is good, but you should also pay attention to some disadvantages, such as tooth erosion, heartburn and possible dehydration.

1. Lemonade is not good for teeth

Because lemon contains citric acid, its acidity is very low and its pH value is less than 2.5, it is a highly acidic beverage, which is unfavorable to teeth.

If you have just finished drinking lemon juice, you’d better stay away from hard food, which will damage your enamel. Similarly, you should not brush your teeth after drinking lemonade.

According to a study, acidic beverages such as lemon juice, cola and apple juice are very harmful to teeth.

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2. Lemonade is bad for the stomach

According to a Chinese article, if you drink a lot of lemon juice, it may be bad for your stomach.

This statement may be based on traditional Chinese medicine, and we are still looking for better sources of information.

It is suggested that the following three groups reduce the intake of lemonade:

  • Old man
  • Child
  • People with Chronic Gastrointestinal Diseases

In addition, lemonade is very sour, causing heartburn and returning to the esophagus, causing so-called gastric reflux.

Reduce your lemonade, especially when eating, which will increase the chance of stomach reflux.

3. Lemonade May Lead to Dehydration

We know that lemon is one of the main sources of vitamin C, which is a nutrient that increases urine production (diuresis) and helps eliminate excess liquid and sodium.

However, when you drink too much lemonade, especially when the concentration of lemonade is too high, this may lead to dehydration.

Adjust the concentration of lemonade according to your own reaction.

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The advantages of drinking lemon water

Lemon and honey are a good combination, which can bring you many health benefits.
Lemon and honey are a good combination, which can bring you many health benefits.

1. Detoxification beauty

Lemonade can detoxify and beautify.

Water can help our body detoxify, and vitamin C contained in lemon can strengthen the removal of toxins in blood, maintain skin luster and reduce wrinkles.

2. Equilibrium PH value

Although lemonade tastes very sour, in fact it is alkaline. Keeping the body in an alkaline state can prevent diseases and prevent pathogens from surviving. This is an important benefit of drinking lemonade.

3. Enhance immunity

Potassium in lemon helps to control blood pressure and stimulate brain nervous system. Vitamin C also helps fight colds.

If you are ill, remember to make a glass of lemonade with some honey!

4. Promote digestion

Drinking lemonade can promote stomach digestion. When your digestion function is not very good, you can drink some lemonade to promote gastric acid secretion and make food easier to digest and absorb.

5. Help sober up

Another benefit of drinking lemonade is that you sometimes have stomach allergy after drinking all night. It can help relieve your stomach.

Hot water and lemon can be used as preservatives to help the body system eliminate toxins.

6. Stimulate the brain nervous system excited

People with low potassium content will feel depressed, anxious, forgetful, and even slow in brain response.

Lemons are rich in trace elements potassium and vitamin C, which will relieve our pressure.

7. Help Breathe

If you have respiratory problems, such as asthma or infection, lemonade is your ideal drink! It has antibacterial properties and is helpful to get rid of chest infection and relieve cough.

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It is worth noting that no matter how good the food is, it should not be taken without scruple. Lemon is no exception. Many women drink a lot of lemonade every day and hurt their teeth and stomach for beauty. Therefore, drinking lemonade should also be moderate, not more than 1000 milliliters per day.

If you like lemonade, the best way is to pay attention to your body feeling after drinking lemonade, so as to avoid the disadvantages brought by lemonade and enjoy the benefits to the greatest extent:

  • Do you feel queasy?
  • Do you feel your teeth are weak?

If you feel the above, you should reduce the concentration of lemonade or drink less lemonade.

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