The advantages and disadvantages of drinking lemon water

The advantages and disadvantages of drinking lemon water

1. Detoxifying and Nourishing Yan

Lemon water can detoxify and raise Yan. Water can help our body detox, plus the vitamin C contained in lemon can strengthen the removal of toxins in the blood, maintain the luster of the skin, but also to reduce wrinkles.

2. Balance ph Value

Although the lemon water tasted very sour, but in fact it is alkaline, so that the body maintained in the alkaline state, can prevent disease, prevent the pathogen to survive, this is drinking lemonade is an important benefit.

The advantages and disadvantages of drinking lemon water
The advantages and disadvantages of drinking lemon water

3. Enhance immunity

Potassium in lemons helps control blood pressure, stimulates the brain’s nervous system, and vitamin C helps fight colds. If you are ill, make sure to soak in a glass of lemonade and add some honey!

4. Promote digestion

Drinking lemonade can promote stomach digestion, when your digestion function is not very good, you can drink some lemonade to promote gastric acid secretion, so that food is more easily digested and absorbed.

5, Help sober

Another benefit of drinking lemonade is that you drink alcohol for one night and sometimes have an allergy to your stomach, which can help soothe your stomach. Hot water with lemon, it can be used as a preservative to help the body system to eliminate toxins.

6, stimulate the brain nervous system excited

Low potassium levels can cause depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and even a dull head reaction. Lemon is rich in trace elements potassium and vitamin C, these will give us decompression.

7. Help Breathing

If you encounter breathing problems, such as asthma or infection, lemonade is your ideal drink! It has antibacterial properties and helps to get rid of chest infections and reduce cough.

It is worth noting that the good food, the intake can not be unbridled. Lemon is no exception, there are many women in order to beauty, daily drink a lot of lemonade and hurt the stomach. Therefore, drink lemon water also should amount, every day should not exceed 1000 ml.

The side effects of the lemon flake bubble water

Lemon sour, drink more injury stomach, injury teeth, long-term use of spleen and stomach injury, nutrition can not digest acne. So drink the lemon water to the right amount, especially to the lemon Flake bubble water method.

1, before Raw lemon, can not smoke , the harmful substances in cigarettes will be the lemon contained in the vitamin C damage, and transformation into the body caused damage to the material.

2, lemon will produce citric acid, often drink easily cause stomach acid too much, causing damage to the spleen and stomach.

3, fasting time, can not drink, acidic, easy to damage the stomach.

4, Lemon will contain some photosensitive substances, oral will also be absorbed to the body, accompanied by the sun, and then make the skin black, and sensitive.

If you use lemonade instead of boiled water to quench your thirst, you must be light when you soak. A large piece of skin lemon bubble 1 liters of water, can pour 3~4 small cup, General brewing 2~3 times, no lemon flavor when the new can. This bubble out of the lemon water is not sour, more delicate fragrance, without sugar or honey can be drunk, the energy can be almost negligible. If you put more lemon slices, you need to add sugar or honey, conducive to balance sour.

Finally, we need to remind everyone that lemon water with a little honey or sugar will be better to drink. However, the sweet lemon water contains about 5% of the sugar, a cup (200 grams) sugar honey water containing energy 40,000 calories, if two cups, is equivalent to eat 1/4 bowls of rice, so need to control the weight of the people to limit.

In addition, people who have too much stomach acid can drink lemon water as little as possible, because a small amount of citric acid is good for gastric mucosa repair. For people with indigestion, in the light lemon water in a thin slice of ginger to drink, to promote the secretion of digestive fluid also has the benefit. No sugar in the light lemon water is no sodium, almost no energy, and contains potassium, a small amount of vitamin C and a small amount of flavonoids, very suitable for high blood pressure , diabetes, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases and gout, such as slow sexually transmitted diseases people daily drinking.

is lemon water lit?

Drink lemon water will not be lit, lemon and rich in vitamin C, drink lemon slices bubble water, can have weight loss whitening detoxification and other effects. But people with gastrointestinal bad can not drink on an empty stomach. In addition, some people think that drinking lemonade when the throat is very dry, this may be because the concentration of lemon water is too high.

The so-called fire is the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, for modern medicine is an oxidative stress caused by the syndrome. General will cause the human body resistance drop, cause herpes, pharyngitis and so on, can be avoided through a healthy lifestyle, such as eating meat and vegetables collocation, relaxed mood, regular rest and rest. Pure lemonade is water, oxidative stress and drink do not drink lemon water.

As we all know, lemon is a kind of nutritious fruit rich in vitamin C, which is usually used as beauty food. In addition, Lemon also has antibacterial, improve immunity , to assist the formation of bone collagen and many other effects. A cold day drink 500 to 1000 ml of lemonade, can reduce the runny nose, the cold disperses quickly, especially when a cold, can cured. In addition to antibacterial and enhance the immunity , there are appetizers and digestion, shengjinzhike and the efficacy of the summer. Even less known is that lemon can also be expectorant, and expectorant effect than orange and citrus also stronger. Warm the lemon juice with boiling water and salt, and drink it to cough up the thick phlegm that accumulates in the throat. The beginning of a cold, you might as well use lemon and honey to drink, can relieve sore throat, reduce throat discomfort.

Dentists said that if people want to drink the lemon water to lose weight , avoid more teeth brushing, lest lemon juice acid residue in the teeth, and then become the whole mouth cavities , can outweigh the gains.

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