People who drink red face are liable to fracture.

According to a recent study by Japan’s Keio University, the risk of fracture is 2.48 times higher for those who drink alcohol and are more likely to blush because of a common genetic mutation. Studies have also shown that vitamin E may alter this risk. 

People who drink red face are liable to fracture.
People who drink red face are liable to fracture.

Head of the study Kenshi Miyamoto said that even without genetic testing, drinking easily blushed could be used as an indicator of fracture risk. 

The team analyzed the genomes of 92 women aged between 44 and 101 who had broken their thighs and 48 who were healthy and had no bone abnormalities. The results showed that people with higher levels of the genetic gene “ALDH2” affected their ability to break down alcohol, and the gene mutated to cause bone fractures in the thigh. 

The researchers say the body cannot break down acetaldehyde effectively after the gene is mutated, so the face turns red after drinking. Acetaldehyde blocks the growth of bone-based cells leading to fractures. 

The study also found that when vitamin E was added, bone-based cells could grow normally. Therefore, it is recommended that people who drink wine often blush can take vitamin E in moderation.

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