Is skin bad because of mood and angry?

The skin can become bad because of anger. If you are in a bad mood, your skin will not be good. This is an inevitable chain reaction, because when you are in a bad mood, you belong to the liver depression, the liver depression is about to conquer the spleen, the spleen is yellow, and the spleen is “bullied” by the liver. Diseased colors, including yellowish skin and yellow and even deeper spots, appear. 

Is skin bad because of mood and angry?
Is skin bad because of mood and angry?

Medicine calls the gastrointestinal tract “the second brain,” meaning that the gastrointestinal system is most sensitive to emotion. Even if you sit in front of a delicious meal, a word can destroy your appetite and give you a boost, even if you can barely swallow it at this time.Absorption will still be affected. If you are depressed for a long time, the effect on digestion and absorption is sure to be long-term. This is what Chinese medicine calls liver-qi stagnation, chronic Kefa temper, spleen qi deficiency, digestive function damaged by bad mood, nutrition naturally unable to reach the skin. Therefore, it is very natural to look bad. 

In addition, there will be chloasma, which grows after puberty, mainly around the nose and zygomatic bones, which is also caused by liver stagnation and spleen deficiency. Therefore, TCM calls it “liver plaque”. It can be seen that liver depression is more certain of its pathogenicity. And a bad digestion and absorption of people, according to the inference of blood deficiency in Chinese medicine may also be very large, yellow color and this is related. 

Therefore, if there is any maintenance method, the first is to be comfortable mood, this does not solve, take medicine is not helpful.Can try Chinese patent medicine “Xiaoyao pills”, with “Ginseng Jianpi pills” to eat together, the former is to ease the liver depression, the latter is a spleen to help digestion. 

If these drugs are ineffective, long-term depression, and there is no clear reason, for example, there is really something to get rid of, then look at the department of neurology, the possibility of eliminating depression, perhaps not depression, But there is a tendency to depression, in response to this tendency is also a drug can be treated, the problem of depression solved, digestive problems are resolved, physical and skin will naturally be better.

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