Efficacy and function of lemon

Introduction to Lemon

Lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits in the world. It is originated from Southeast Asia and is mainly produced in the United States, Italy, Spain and Greece. Mainly for juice, sometimes also used as cooking seasoning, but basically not for fresh food. Lemons were brought to Europe by Arabs. Neither ancient Greek nor Roman literature recorded the planting of lemons in Genoa, Italy, in the 15th century, and appeared in the Azores in 1494. It is rich in vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, high potassium and low sodium elements and so on, which is very beneficial to the human body. Vitamin C can maintain the production of various tissues and cells in the human body and maintain their normal physiological functions. It’s a killer of scurvy.

Efficacy and function of lemon
Efficacy and function of lemon

Type of lemon:

1. Eureka (Yureka), also known as Yureka and Yulica, has an obvious papillary convex tip on the top of the fruit, with a rough pericarp, a thick rind, and a very sour pulp.

2. Lisbon. with a long papillary convex tip, usually slightly bent to one side, smooth pericarp, obvious neck, and strong sour pulp.

3. Meyer (Beijing Lemon, also called fragrant Lemon, Meihua Lemon) is a variety bred in Fengtai, Beijing. It has strong cold resistance, thin and smooth pericarp, short convex tip of fruit, strong aroma of pulp, but low acid content. And there’s a C. jambhiri Lush. called a rough lemon. It is native to India, Guangdong and Sichuan.

4. Swingle, a school of thought that it is a hybrid of lemon and tangerine, its peel is yellow, very rough, with a short sarcomatous protuberance at the top of the fruit, the heart of the fruit is large and empty, and the seeds are few. Fast growth, drought resistance, nematode resistance. Used as rootstock material abroad.

The effect and function of lemon

The nutritional value of lemon is very high, it not only contains rich vitamins (such as vitamin C, E, A, B1, B2), as well as many human body necessary trace elements Ca, P, Fe, Zn, MG, also contains unique lemon oil, citric acid. Lemons also have the following effects:

1, lemon contains sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B1, B2, C and other nutrients, in addition, there are rich in citric acid and flavonoids, volatile oil, hesperidin and so on.

2. Chinese traditional medicine believes that lemon is warm, bitter and non-toxic, with functions of relieving thirst, dispelling heat and calming the fetus, dispersing stagnation, strengthening stomach, relieving pain, and so on, which is suitable for female students with puffiness and asthenia.

3, lemon can also dispel phlegm, and the effect of dispelling phlegm is stronger than orange and mandarin. Add warm water and salt to lemonade, drink the thick sputum accumulated in the throat can cough smoothly, very effective. From the beginning of a cold, you might as well use lemon plus honey to flush water drink, can ease the throat pain, reduce dry throat discomfort.

4. Drink a glass of lemonade before you eat any food every morning. It can not only strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis, treat constipation, expel toxin in body, but also remove odour of oral cavity and eliminate bad breath.

5, lemon bubble water drink the most direct effect is beauty, every morning drink a cup of hot lime water, the portion of lemon juice with half a lemon is advisable. This will make the eyes more God, more ruddy skin.

The nutrient content of lemons is as follows:

Nutrient NameContentNutrient NameContentNutrient NameContent
Edible Department66Moisture (g)91Energy (KCAL)35
Energy (Thousand KJ)146Protein (g)1.1Fat (g)1.2
Carbohydrates Grams)6.2Dietary Fiber Grams)1.3Cholesterol (MG)0
Ash (g)0.5Vitamin A (MG)0Carotene (MG)0
Retinol (MG)0Thiamine (μg)0.05Riboflavin (MG)0.02
Nick acid (MG)0.6Vitamin C (MG)22Vitamin E T) mg)1.14
Calcium (mg)101Phosphorus (MG)22Potassium (MG)209
Sodium (mg)1.1Magnesium (MG)37Iron (MG)0.8
Zinc (MG)0.65Selenium (μg)0.5Copper (MG)0.14
Manganese (MG)0.05Iodine (MG)0

The applicable crowd of lemons.

Drink lemonade to relieve thirst, appetizer and spleen, fatigue can also wake up the brain. At the same time, due to the high content of lemon vitamins, fresh lemon water drinking is not only beauty, but also antibacterial and enhance immunity. Not all people should drink plenty of lemonade, nor should they drink lemonade at all times. 

1. The patients with dyspepsia, deficiency of vitamin C, pregnant women with restless fetal movements, patients with renal calculi, patients with hypertension and myocardial infarction are suitable for consumption. 

2. Gastric ulcer, excessive secretion of gastric acid, patients with dental caries and patients with diabetes.

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