Can pregnant women eat lemons? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Can a pregnant woman eat lemon?

Pregnant women can certainly eat lemon. Lemon can supplement the human body needs of the vitamin C, for pregnant women, it is best to drink lemonade, because of its taste extremely sour, liver deficiency pregnant women most like food, it is said to benefit mother fruit or benefit mother and child, vomiting during pregnancy can play a very good stop-vomiting effect. Let pregnant women not so uncomfortable, followed by the bedside of pregnant women put some lemons, there is the role of the fetus.

Lemon is rich in citric acid, trapped in this is known as “citric acid warehouse.” Its fruit juice is more crisp, has the rich aromatic gas. Because the taste is sour, more and more women are in love with drinking the lemonade , especially in line with the mother’s love to eat acid this feature. Pregnant women eat lemon also has the following advantages:

1, stop vomiting. Pregnant women can eat lemon, lemon sour, can supplement the human body needs vitamin C, and vomiting during pregnancy can play a good stop spit effect, you can take the method of slicing water to eat. But the lemon is acidic, it is easy to stimulate the stomach, it is recommended not to eat more, especially the stomach acid too much food oh.

2. Suitable mother and child. Lemon is a citrus type of fruit , lemon fruit oval, orange peel, smell of fragrant, fruit juice more crisp, food taste sour slightly bitter. Lemon February or March ripe, taste extremely sour, so pregnant women of the liver is addicted to food, there are “Yi Mother and Child” or “appropriate mother fruit” of the reputation.

3, maintain delicate skin citric acid has to prevent and eliminate. The role of skin pigmentation, is the production of lemon balm, moisturizer and shampoo important industrial materials, the use of lemon moisturizer or moisturizer, can effectively damage the lead inChemical reactions occur on the skin to keep the skin smooth and tender.

4, lower the high blood pressure . The combination of lemon and calcium ions can produce a soluble complex, which can effectively alleviate the coagulation effect of calcium ions on blood. Chinese folk commonly used lemon to treat hypertension, the method is very simple, 1 pieces of lemon and 10 water chestnuts put together in a boiled, often take effect obviously.

5, thirst for health and Tianjin. Lemon taste bitter, sex warm, non-toxic, with thirst for health, sparse lag, stomach, pain and other functions, hypertension, myocardial infarction patients often drink lemon drink, to improve the symptoms to alleviate the disease is very useful oh.

Taboo for pregnant women to eat lemon

Pregnant women in the diet always have a lot of taboos, a lot of things before the pregnancy can eat, to the pregnant and then can not eat. Lemonade as a kind of whitening, I believe many pregnant women like to drink. For the health of the fetus, pregnant women have the following notes when eating lemons:

1, do not drink directly lemon honey water, lemon honey water contains more acidic substances, if fasting drink easy to increase the body acidity, time will make the body stomach acid increased, increase the risk of suffering from gastric ulcer ;

2, do not drink big mouth, drinking water too fast too fierce not only for the human spleen and stomach absorption, but also may lead to nausea, vomiting and other discomfort;

3, lemon contains more acidic substances, gastric acid and stomach ulcer should not drink lemon water;

4, although the lemon peel is rich in calcium, but the bitterness is not easy to soak for a long time, so you want to drink now;

5, lemon open shelf life will be seriously shortened, the best use of the end;

6, after drinking warm water to eat breakfast 30-60 minutes before drinking honey lemon water, then the human body function has tended to normal, has the irritating effect on resistance, and through the role of water so that the body’s gastrointestinal cleaning and moisturizing.

How to eat lemon is safe for pregnant women

Lemon is generally used mainly for juicing, and is sometimes used as a cooking seasoning, but is not used as fresh food. Pregnant women can use lemon with honey to eat, the right amount of drinking lemon water . Lemon is rich in citric acid is beneficial to human body, the fetus will also be ingested nutrition, but moderate, do not affect the body acid-base balance.

Honey Lemonade

Material: Lemon one, honey 500ML


1, lemon water wet, the surface of a layer of salt, gently rub a moment, rinse clean water, and cut the two lemons.

2, lemon cut into two halves, and then cut into thin slices, with a layer of lemon, a layer of honey into a clean glass bottle or sealed bottle.

3, tighten the cap, put in the refrigerator for 5-7 days to flush.


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