What can tomatoes eat with? Can’t eat with what?

What can tomatoes eat with? Can’t eat with what?

Alias: Persimmon, Wolf peach, pan plum, persimmon, June persimmon, sea pepper, Maurago, tomatoes.

What can tomatoes eat with? Can't eat with what?
What can tomatoes eat with? Can’t eat with what?

Taboo crowd : acute enteritis, bacillary dysentery and ulcer activity period patients should not be edible.

appropriate crowd : The general population can be eaten. It is suitable for fever, thirst, anorexia, habitual gingival bleeding, anemia, dizziness, palpitation, hypertension, acute and chronic hepatitis, acute and chronic nephritis, night blindness and myopia.

​Not suitable forTomatoes + bighead carp: will negatively absorb nutrients
Tomatoes + white wine: eat together will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath
Tomatoes + salted fish: eat together easy to produce carcinogens
Tomatoes + potatoes : potatoes produce a large amount of hydrochloric acid in the gastrointestinal tract of the human body; tomatoes produce insoluble water deposits in stronger acidic environments, causing poor appetite and indigestion .
Tomatoes + Shrimp : produces arsenic poisoning
Tomatoes + grass carp : leads to copper element analysis
Tomatoes + silver carp : will negatively absorb nutrients
Tomatoes + herring : will be harmful to nutrients absorption
Tomatoes + Shrimp : can produce poison
Tomatoes + crabs : can cause abdominal pain, abdominal distension
Tomatoes + potatoes : can cause indigestion
Tomatoes + sweet potato : easy to get stone, cause diarrhea
Tomatoes + pumpkin : lowers Nutrition
Tomatoes + catfish: will negatively absorb nutrients
Tomatoes + fish: Vitamin C in food can inhibit the absorption of nutrients in fish meat
Tomatoes + crab : diarrhea
Tomatoes + popsicle: eat together will be poisoned
Tomatoes + popsicle: eat together will be poisoned
Tomatoes + fur Shrimp : produces arsenic poisoning .
Tomatoes + mushrooms : destroy Carotenoids
Tomatoes + liver : tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, liver so that vitamin C oxidation deoxidation, so that it loses the original ascorbic acid function
Tomatoes + carrot : Vitamin C rich food mix to eat, will take vitamin C damage
Tomatoes + sweet potato : eat together can get stone sickness, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea
Tomatoes + cucumber : tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamin C, has to enhance the body resistance, control scurvy, resistance to infection and so on; and cucumber contains vitamin C decomposition enzymes, eat together can make vitamin C is destroyed in the
Tomatoes + river crab : Eating together can cause diarrhea
Tomatoes + Crabs : produces arsenic poisoning
Tomatoes + dried fish : with food easy to produce carcinogens
Tomatoes + pomegranate : affect absorption of nutrients
Suitable forTomatoes + zucchini : anti-cancer
Tomatoes + Hawthorn : lowering blood pressure
Tomatoes + tofu : invigorating spleen and stomach
Red Persimmon + kale : Anti- cancer
Tomatoes + longevity Fish: can add nutrition
Tomatoes + honey : Nourishing blood and color
Tomatoes + broccoli: anti-cancer
Tomatoes + bamboo shoots: qingre jiedu, diuretic buck
Tomatoes + celery : can reduce blood pressure
Tomatoes + carp : nutritious rich
Tomatoes + eggs : preventable cardiovascular disease, vitamin supplements
Tomatoes + cabbage : preventing cancer and promoting blood circulation
Tomatoes + cauliflower : lowering blood lipid and lowering blood pressure
Tomatoes + salmon: Moisturizing Skin Anti-aging
Tomatoes + celery : lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipid, invigorating digestion
Tomatoes + yellow croaker: to promote bone development

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