The benefits of yoghurt:that’s why do you drink a bottle a day

Know yogurt

Yoghurt is made of milk after fermentation, taste sweet and sweet fine smooth, nutritious, deeply loved by people. It is a unique function of nutrients, can adjust the balance of microorganisms in the body.

In comparison with fresh milk, yoghurt not only has all the signature nutrients of fresh milk, but also during fermentation, lactose and protein in milk are broken down into small molecules (such as galactose), which makes proteins form small milk blocks. Fat is also twice as high as milk and is more easily digested and absorbed. Drinking yoghurt can promote digestion and absorption, improve appetite, but also has the role of cancer prevention. For the baby who drinks milk easy diarrhea, drink yoghurt is not easy to occur abdominal distension, gas many or the phenomenon of diarrhoea.

The benefits of yoghurt.

1.adjust intestinal flora, inhibit harmful bacteria, promote digestion and absorption, improve gastrointestinal function. Drink 1-2 cups of yoghurt every day, persist after a few months, can make digestion and absorption function obviously improve, constipation and diarrhea and other problems are effectively alleviated, stomach distention and other discomfort also gradually disappeared.

2. improve lactose intolerance, improve the adaptability to dairy products. Lactic acid bacteria in yoghurt can secrete lactase “, help the human body digest lactose in dairy products, induce the human gut to produce lactase.” Often drink yoghurt, can improve the digestion of dairy products, gradually adapt to milk, ice cream and other dairy foods.

3. increase the absorption rate of calcium, iron and other minerals. Yoghurt contains lactic acid that promotes mineral absorption, and peptides such as CPP, which are produced by protein decomposition, can effectively increase the absorption rate of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and so on. Especially for the elderly with poor mineral absorption capacity, yogurt is an excellent nutritional food.

4.improve the intestinal immune function, prevent and treat intestinal infection. Human and animal experiments have proved that after ingesting yoghurt, the resistance to various intestinal pathogens and viruses is obviously enhanced, the incidence of diarrhoea is low, the symptoms are light, and the recovery is fast. Even some countries have developed traveller yoghurt, which is specifically designed to prevent bowel disease.

5.activating the function of immune system and enhancing the phagocytic ability and T cell function of macrophages. Domestic and foreign studies have proved that eating yoghurt can activate the whole body immune system function, and improve the human body to all kinds of adversity resistance, and has the role of tumor inhibition.

6.. Lowering serum cholesterol. Intake of yoghurt not only does not increase serum triglyceride and blood cholesterol, but has the effect of reducing blood lipid. This effect comes from the lactobacillus and its fragments, on the one hand, and protein components from yogurt, on the other.

7. Attenuating radiation damage and inhibiting the decrease of lymphocyte number after radiation. The results showed that mice fed yoghurt had stronger tolerance and less damage to immune system after exposure to radiation.

Probiotic yogurt.

There are two kinds of yoghurt that are common in the market, one is made from traditional milk fermentation, the other is the yoghurt with two other lactic acid bacteria on the basis of the former, so, Yogurt with the word “probiotics” is often seen on the package. Probiotics can not only regulate the imbalance of intestinal microecology, make it tend to balance, restore and maintain human health. Can also enhance human immunity; promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion; inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria, reduce the risk of intestinal cancer, but also promote the absorption of minerals.

Traditional yoghurt is non-active lactic acid bacteria, but also has a high nutritional value. Because in the process of lactic acid bacteria fermentation, the consumption of lactose, produce a series of metabolites such as vitamins, enzymes, and so on, these metabolites are beneficial to the human body. Probiotic yoghurt contains active lactic acid bacteria, which can produce a series of beneficial metabolites to human body. The active lactic acid bacteria also help to regulate the balance of intestinal microecology.

Generally speaking, when it comes to yoghurt fermented by lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria can be active or inactive, while probiotic yoghurt is characterized by a ‘live’ word. Probiotics need to be kept alive at low temperatures.

Can you lose weight by drinking yoghurt.

Eating yoghurt for a long time can not only regulate the intestines, remove the garbage from the intestines, but also regulate the bacteria in the intestines, increase the probiotics, which is conducive to promoting digestion and absorption. For the obese people, they also play a role in reducing weight and losing weight. But it didn’t work for people with normal weight or low weight.

The principle of eating yoghurt to lose weight is to increase the intake of calcium in the diet without increasing the total calories of the diet, which can significantly reduce the proportion of body fat, thus reducing the occurrence of obesity. Drink yoghurt after meals, can activate the digestive enzymes of the stomach, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, effectively prevent fat accumulation, for those who want to reduce abdominal fat, adhere to drinking yogurt can get good results.

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