What’s the benefit of children eating mangoes?

Mango is the most popular fruit and one of my favorite fruits. Before the condition is so good, do not know that there are so many fruits, with the progress of the Times, the development of the network, the world has no national boundaries. See a lot of delicious, especially fruit, and Mango is still one of my favorite fruit.

The nutritive value of mango

Mango also has a very rich ß-carotene, about 897ug/100g, far more than other fruits, Mango also contains rich potassium 138mg/100g, but also a low-calorie fruit, 35kcal/100g.

ß-Carotene is the main nutrient that converts to vitamin A, but it is safer than vitamin A and does not cause vitamin A intoxication.

Vitamin A has protection of eyesight, antioxidant, synthesis of cell membrane surface glycoprotein, has an effect on reproduction, maintaining the normal metabolism of bone.

Vitamin A deficiency can cause

1. Eye symptoms: Night blindness, dry eye disease, corneal softening.

2. Skin symptoms: Hair follicle papules, dryness, hair loss, etc.

3. Other symptoms: Child growth stagnation, stunted development, poor bone development, low birth weight, lower immune system, etc.

Therefore, children eat more mangoes, will help them grow and develop, to avoid bone dysplasia, growth cessation, stunted growth, low immunity and so on.

Mango Allergy

Mango is so good, can you eat more?

  • Eat mango should pay attention to, especially children, or the first time to eat mango.
  • Don’t eat a lot at once;
  • Try to avoid the skin around the lips near the mango peel, this part of the pulp is most likely to cause allergies;
  • Avoid mango juice touching the skin directly;
  • Mango cut into small pieces, try to use toothpicks, forks, etc. into the mouth, to avoid allergic symptoms.

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