Effect and function of durian

Effect and function of durian


1. Nourishing Yin and enhancing impotence

Durian contains a high level of sugar, as well as a variety of vitamins, fats, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Weak friends can eat durian, durian can complement the body needs of energy and nutrition, to physical fitness, nourishing yin to supplement the effect of Yang. After the disease and women postpartum can be used to nourishing the body.

2, enhance immunity

Durian fruit in the variety of amino acids, rich in content, in addition to tryptophan, but also contains 7 kinds of human body essential amino acids, including glutamate content is particularly high. Glutamate participates in its synthesis metabolism, which can improve immune function, regulate acid-base balance, and improve the adaptability of body to stress. Durian fruit on the human body has a strong role in the cause, in addition to containing a rich element of zinc, and so on, but also with its aroma components and other nutrients to play a synergistic role.

3. Treat Dysmenorrhea

Durian is a hot fruit, edible can play the role of activating blood and dispelling cold, relieving menstrual cramps, especially suitable for the body cold dysmenorrhea afraid of the woman to eat. At the same time, the heat of durian can improve the situation of abdominal cold, promote body temperature rise, cold sexual fitness of friends very helpful.

4, appetizers to promote appetite

Although the special taste of durian is very controversial, but this kind of fragrance makes the durian a big effect, is appetizing, promote appetite.

5. Constipation treated by laxative

Durian contains a very rich dietary fiber , can promote intestinal peristalsis, treatment of constipation. But need to pay attention to, eat durian to treat constipation to drink more water oh, otherwise, rich fiber no water to suck, suck the water in the intestines, that platoon can be more difficult.

6. Prevention and treatment of hypertension

The physiological function of vitamin in durian fruit and its effect on some diseases can not be neglected. Durian fruit also contains the essential mineral elements of the human body. Among them, potassium and calcium content is particularly high, can prevent and cure high blood pressure.

7, anti-cancer cancer

Durian Fruit Vitamin content is rich, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are higher.vitamin is an essential micronutrient, which has the physiological function of maintaining normal growth, reproduction, vision and anti-infection. In addition, vitamin A also can inhibit tumor formation of the anti-promoter gene activity, play a role in cancer prevention. Vitamin B is an indispensable auxiliary part of various oxidase systems in vivo, and participates in redox reaction and energy metabolism. Vitamin C has a wide range of physiological functions in the organism, it can enhance the immune function of the human body, prevent and treat the iron deficiency anemia , malignant anemia and scurvy, promote the formation of collagen and steroid metabolism, help to maintain the normal function of bone and teeth, anti-aging, inhibit nitrite and amine synthesis of nitrosamines, With anti-cancer effect.


The nutritive value of durian

Durian is rich in protein, fats, carbohydrates and cellulose, also contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, niacin, inorganic element calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, selenium, etc., is a high nutrient density and balanced tropical fruit. Modern medical experiments show that durian juice and pericarp contain a kind of proteolytic enzyme, which can promote the infiltration of drugs to the lesion, with anti-inflammatory and anti edema, improve the role of blood circulation.

Durian fruit contains a lot of sugar, high heat. Among them, protein content is 2.7%, fat content is 4.1%, carbohydrate is 9.7%, moisture 82.5%, vitamin content is rich, vitamin A, B and C are higher. In addition, durian fruit in the variety of amino acids, rich in content, in addition to tryptophan, but also contains 7 kinds of human body essential amino acids, including glutamate content is particularly high, can improve the body stress adaptability.

Every 100 grams contains the following nutrients:

Nutrient elementsContentNutrient elementsContent
Heat147.00 (KCAL)Vitamin B60.14 (MG)
Protein2.60 (g)Fat3.30 (g)
Carbohydrates28.30 (g)Folic acid116.90 (μg)
Dietary fiber1.70 (g)Vitamin A3.00 (μg)
Carotene20.00 (μg)Thiamine0.20 (MG)
Riboflavin0.13 (MG)Nick acid1.19 (MG)
Vitamin C2.80 (MG)Vitamin E2.28 (MG)
Calcium4.00 (MG)Phosphorus38.00 (MG)
Potassium261.00 (MG)Sodium2.90 (MG)
Iodine5.60 (μg)Magnesium27.00 (MG)
Iron0.30 (MG)Zinc0.16 (MG)
Selenium3.26 (μg)Copper0.12 (MG)
Manganese0.22 (MG)

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