Durian can’t eat with anything?

For those who love durian, durian is an almost perfect fruit: it is nutritious and delicious!

But according to Chinese traditional medicine, some things cannot be eaten with durian.

Durian should avoid matching with the following foods: wine, mangosteen, beef, and mutton.

Why? Let’s find out why.


What can durian not eat with?

Even though durian is delicious, you should know that durian contains high calorie and rich nutrition, which lays the foundation for “food conflict”.

We have collected several foods that cannot be eaten with durian. If you have just eaten durian, you’d better avoid them.

Durian should not be eaten with wine

According to traditional Chinese and Asian medicine, because wine and durian are both “hot” foods, if diabetics eat both, it will bring bad consequences.

Thailand has a clear rule that after eating a large amount of durian, you cannot drink alcohol for 8 hours.

At present, there is no definite conclusion that durian and wine can kill people, but it is only said that drinking durian at the same time (or at close intervals) is risky.

Durian and mangosteen cannot be eaten together

Durian and mangosteen eat together may cause constipation.

Because both fruits are rich in cellulose, they will absorb water and swell in the intestines and stomach. Excessive consumption of durian and mangosteen will block the intestines and cause constipation.

Beef and mutton

According to traditional medicine, durian cannot be eaten with warm foods, such as beef, mutton, dog meat, and seafood.

Durian and Crab

Durian cannot eat with crabs. If both are eaten together, it is easy to cause severe stomach discomfort.

After eating durian, it takes about one hour before eating crabs.

Caffeine beverage

If you drink caffeinated beverages immediately after eating durian, this may lead to heart and blood vessel problems.

How do you eat durian

How do you eat durian? The durian has a hard thorn all over it. It can’t be opened by force. Is there any good way?

Of course, and not only is durian delicious, but durian kernel can also be eaten. The following is a brief introduction to how durian is eaten:

Selecting durian

(1) The round durian should be selected for selection, with a well-balanced and plump shape, so that there is more pulp.

The flat durian basically has nothing to eat when opened.

(2) Look at the spines on durian. If the spines on durian epidermis are large and sparse, they are generally well developed and the pulp is thick and delicate.

(3) If the spines of durian are still very hard, it is recommended to keep them for a few days.

Another point to be mentioned is that if durian gives off a strong “taste”, it actually says, “I’m ripe.”

In fact, mature and just good durian tastes not so heavy, but faint fragrance.

Peel durian

Find the slit at the sharp end of the durian and break it with your hand or pry it open with a knife.

Or use a knife to cut away the convex part at the bottom of the durian, and you can see the lines inside. Then use a knife to cut along the lines, and then use your hand to break it apart and take out the durian meat.

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