Can babies eat durian?

Can baby eat durian?

Baby can eat durian, but should not eat too much. Durian is rich in nutritional value, in addition to high sugar content, but also contains rich protein , vitamins, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements . The baby eats the energy and nutrients it needs to replenish the body.


Although the durian is rich in dietary fiber , but it will absorb water in the stomach swelling, baby too much food will clog the intestines, causing constipation. And the dietary fiber in the durian, need teeth to chew, and the baby’s teeth are relatively immature, the teeth function is not healthy, baby eat durian easy to be swallowed down.

Durian temperature, if the baby eat too much, the body will easily cause hot and humid deposition, the baby’s health. In addition, although the nutrition of durian is very rich, but the 1-year-old baby Absorption of this is limited, if the absorption can easily cause the baby lit . In order to appear sore throat, irritability insomnia and other symptoms, damage the health of the baby. After the baby eat to drink more water, help digestion, otherwise very easy to get angry.

Baby is too small, or give the baby to eat rice porridge, porridge and other digestible food is better. In addition, durian odor is larger, may affect the baby’s taste response.

Baby under one year old try not to eat durian

Baby under one year old should try not to eat durian. There are many reasons for this. You can refer to the following three points:

  • The smell of durian is relatively large, and the baby may have a relatively large reaction to the odor after eating;
  • In terms of Chinese medicine, durian is easy to eat “constipation” and is prone to excessive heat;
  • Durian juice is more viscous, easy to block the throat and trachea of a one-year-old baby, a little careless, may cause the baby to suffocate.

There are many benefits to your baby eating a little durian

  • Promote digestion
  • Rich in nutritional value, good for baby growth
  • Enhance immunity

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