What’s the difference between $2 vitamin c and $100 vitamin c?

We must have met many of them! When you go to some big drugstores, you have a lot of enthusiastic clerks around you, they are very professional to introduce you up. “if you look at your body, your resistance is not good. So you often catch cold! ” “We have here a pure natural vitamin C that increases resistance and prevents many diseases. Buy a little, usually can eat, also have no side effect, pure natural. ” They give you some very beautiful packaging bottles, which have beautiful color tablets, each bottle is about 100 yuan. When you say you need vitamin C tablets, you feel that these clerks are coming to their senses immediately and bring these expensive vitamins to your side right away. When you weak said: “Sorry, I do not want this, you have that kind of white tablets, small bottles, maybe a few yuan vitamin C tablets?” ” “No,” you said coldly, as soon as you saw them pale. ” 


Now let’s talk about vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, which can be made in most organisms from new generations, but humans are the most notable exception. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, an acid hexose derivative. It is the main source of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is water-soluble, so it can be dissolved in water. Vitamin C has been discovered for hundreds of years, and now science has a very thorough understanding of vitamin C, so there is no obvious difference between the main ingredients of a hundred multivitamins and a few yuan of vitamins. They work the same way. There won’t be any magic, nothing more than packaging good-looking, give people tall on the feeling, in the addition of some good taste in the ingredients. 

Does vitamin C really need to take orally often? How to say, this is a misunderstanding, vitamin C in many foods, vitamin C’s main food source is fresh vegetables and fruits. In vegetables, pepper, chrysanthemum, balsam pear, bean, spinach, potato, leek and so on are abundant, and the content of jujube, fresh jujube, strawberry, citrus and lemon are the most in fruit. A small amount of vitamin C is also found in the offal of animals, and many cereals are rich in vitamin C such as millet, rice, wheat, soybeans, corn, and potatoes. People should be able to supplement enough vitamin C as long as they have a reasonable diet. There is a saying that vitamins are water-soluble, too much, with the kidney treatment, a bubble of urine on the discharge, can be taken orally for a long time. This is wrong if there is a large amount of vitamin C circulating in the body that is not conducive to wound healing. Daily intake of more than 1000 milligrams of vitamin C can lead to diarrhea, kidney stones, stomach acid excess, acid reflux and so on. Sometimes overuse can also cause hemolysis or thrombosis. 

In general, the body needs trace elements, it is a certain amount, the fact that many foods can supplement the body needs, supplement excessive, but not trace elements, it has its side effects. So reasonable diet is more important than any supplements, now because our country is not standardized, a lot of supplements have a little too! !

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