What is loquat? What’s the benefit? Can pregnant women eat? Attention?

Effect and function of loquat. 

Loquat-Shaped Cake is rich in all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body and is a nutrient-rich health fruit. The main effect of loquat can be used to treat lung heat cough, vomiting and thirst. The main function can moisturize the lung under qi, quench thirst. Fruit: Qingfei Shengjin quench thirst; nucleus, expectorant cough, and stomach antitussive; used to treat lung heat and cough, chronic cough, dry pharynx and stomach qi deficiency and so on. 

From May to June of each year, loquat matures and is called “three friends” with cherry and plum. “Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded “loquat can moisten the five Zang organs, heart and lung”, loquat body is treasure, in addition to the fruit, loquat flower, loquat seeds and so on have their own efficacy. 


1. Loquat flower. 

Loquat flower taste is light, sex slightly warm, with the effect of relieving cough, the main treatment of cold, cough expectoration, and so on. Take loquat flower 20 grams, honey right amount, boiling water to brew to substitute tea drink, can treat cold, cough larynx; loquat flower, pungent flower wait to bake dry grind end, every time 5 grams, rice wine adjusts take, can treat nose flow clear snot. 

2. Loquat kernel. 

Loquat kernel taste bitter, flat, with phlegm cough, soothing liver Qi effect, the main treatment cough, hernia, edema, scrofula syndrome. Take loquat seeds 10 grams mash decoction, juices plus appropriate amount of rock sugar, can treat cough; loquat seeds suitable to grind end, mix wine external application, can treat lymph node nucleus. 

3. Loquat peel. 

Loquat peel, also known as loquat tree white skin, the effect is similar to loquat leaf, fresh loquat skin chewing pharynx juice can treat hiccup eat less, take loquat skin 30 grams water decoction, can treat vomiting. 

4. Loquat root. 

Loquat root taste bitter, flat, can be used to treat chronic cough, joint pain. Fresh loquat root 40 grams wash chopped water decoction can treat tuberculosis cough; fresh loquat root 200 grams pig foot a 250 ml stew can treat joint pain.

Efficacy and function of Loquat-Shaped Cake. 

The nutritive value of Loquat-Shaped Cake is abundant, there are various kinds of fructose, glucose, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin A, B, C and so on, among which carotene content is the third in each fruit. Loquat-Shaped Cake can effectively supplement the body nutritional components, improve the disease resistance of the body, and play the role of physical fitness. Chinese medicine thinks loquat fruit has the function and effect of moistening lung, relieving cough and relieving thirst. 


1. Moistening lung to relieve cough: loquat fruit includes pulp and core. The former can moisten the lungs to stop cough, the latter can eliminate phlegm and cough, and play the role of moisturizing the lungs and eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and reducing qi. When used, take loquat (100g fruit, peeling into two, the fruit is crushed, add water frying soup clothing. 

2. Lose weight: loquat is rich in crude fiber and mineral elements. It contains 0.4 g protein, 6.6 g carbohydrate, vitamin B1 and vitamin C in every hundred grams of loquat meat. TCM believes that weight loss should be based on spleen, water, and loquat has these effects. Recommended loquat porridge, boiling ice sugar, and then into the clean rice, cooked porridge into the processed loquat meat, cooked for 10 minutes. 

3, clear heat and quench thirst: thin pork 150g, diced, stir fry with vegetable oil slightly, add the person seasoning, 1 minute before the pan, put in peeled loquat 100g, fine and even. Divided into 2 times, used for 5 days, used for stomach heat injury, stomach qi on the inverse, nausea and vomiting, thirst to drink, and so on.

The effect and function of loquat leaf.

In addition to loquat fruit, loquat leaf and loquat nucleus are also commonly used Chinese medicine. Li shizhen said: in the compendium of materia medica “loquat leaf, cure the disease of lung and stomach, mostly from the work of its gas, gas fire drop, but inverse inverse, not ou ou, not thirsty not thirsty, cough cough not.”

Loquat leaf has the function and function of clearing lung and stomach and reducing phlegm. It is used in lung heat and dry cough, hemoptysis and stomach. However, the seeds and leaves of loquat are mildly toxic, and they can release trace amounts of cyanide, but because of their bitter taste, they usually do not eat enough to cause harm.

1. Anti-nausea: it can treat all kinds of vomit and hiccups by reducing the heat of the leaves and lowering the lower gas. When used, 20 grams of loquat leaf, 25 grams of orange peel, 15 grams of liquorice, 3 slices of ginger, and 2 times daily.

2. Prevention of influenza: batch leaves have the effect of inhibiting the influenza virus, which can prevent the cold at four. In time, take loquat leaf (brush net wool)60 grams, the water decoction takes twice.

3. To cure hemoptysis: fresh loquat leaves are brushed with the hair on the back of the leaf, and then the decoction is cut into the scum and cooked in japonica rice porridge. The porridge is served with a small amount of sugar, which can be used to treat the fever of lung cancer, cough, pus and hemoptysis.

The applicable people of loquat.

The general population can eat loquat, pregnant, baby and lactating mothers can eat loquat. Eating loquat early in pregnancy can improve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Loquat nutrition is rich, loquat can stimulate digestive gland secretion, to increase appetite, help digest absorption, this is very helpful for the baby with bad appetite. And because of the fruit and leaves of loquat and the role of influenza virus, it is possible to eat loquat to prevent influenza. However, it should be noted that the immature loquat should not be eaten, causing mild poisoning.

According to the “open treasure” records, loquat “taste gan, cold, non-toxic”. In addition, as mentioned in the diet spectrum of the living room, “multi-food aid to wet sputum and spleen deficiency is taboo”. Loquat belongs to the nature of the cold, therefore, the spleen deficiency is not to eat, or it can easily cause abdominal pain and diarrhea. Therefore, loquat should not eat more.

Can pregnant women eat loquat?

Can pregnant women eat loquat? The answer is yes. Loquat besides high in vitamin C and B vitamins, also contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, cellulose, tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, etc., which contains beta-carotene for fresh fruit in the highest, the carotenoids can be converted into vitamin A in the body, is the source of vitamin A security.

In addition, loquat has a good medicinal value, such as moistening the lungs and relieving cough, removing phlegm, treating various kinds of cough, making tea leaf after drying, and assisting in the treatment of various vomiting hiccups. Therefore, pregnant women can eat loquat, and at the early stage of pregnancy, they can improve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Also, the fruit and leaf of loquat are resistant to influenza virus, so pregnant women who eat loquat can prevent influenza.

Can the baby eat loquat?

The baby can eat loquat. For babies over one year old, you can eat the right amount of loquat, but start with a small amount and see if you have any allergies. If the baby has a cough, it can be made into loquat water for the baby to drink. After the baby is a little bigger, the loquat can be taken to the core to be scraped and fed to the baby.

Loquat is rich in all kinds of nutrient elements needed by the human body, it is a healthy fruit of nutrition. Loquat is rich in cellulose, pectin, carotene, malic acid, citric acid, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B and C. Rich in vitamin B and carotene, it has the function of protecting eyesight, keeping skin healthy and nourishing and promoting the baby’s body development. Loquat can stimulate digestive gland secretion, increase appetite, help digestion and absorption, quench thirst quenching has a good effect; It can also prevent cancer and prevent aging. The baby eat loquat can stop cough, run lung, clear hot, diuretic.

In addition, loquat has a good medicinal value, such as moistening the lungs and relieving cough, removing phlegm, treating various kinds of cough, making tea leaf after drying, and assisting in the treatment of various vomiting hiccups. The fruit and leaf of loquat are resistant to influenza virus, so the baby can prevent influenza by eating loquat.

Although the baby is good to eat loquat, but also cannot overeat, because loquat sex is cool, overeat is not good.

Can you eat loquat in lactation?

Can eat loquat in lactation period. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, loquat taste gan, acid, sexual flat, have moistening lung to stop cough, quench thirst and stomach, diuretic heat and so on the effect, use for the tuberculosis cough, chest tightness is much phlegm. Loquat fruit has the effect of removing phlegm and relieving cough, nourishing the lungs and nourishing the stomach. If you have a cough in your lactation period, you can eat loquat. Modern medicine is more evidence that loquat fruit contains rich vitamins, bitter almond and white luriol and other anti-cancer, anti-cancer substances, it is very beneficial to nursing mothers.

Loquat can be used in nursing mother’s pharynx, cough, vomiting blood, hiccups and so on. Loquat is not only edible, but also has medicinal value in its core, leaf and root. Fresh loquat wash, eat raw, can treat lactation mother mouth dry and thirsty and so on. In addition, the fresh loquat 50 grams, wash the skin, add the rock sugar 5 grams, after half an hour to take, for tonsil inflammation caused by the throat redness and swelling pain is particularly effective.

Lactation mother is appropriate to eat 1-2 loquat each time, eat loquat easy to help wet produce phlegm, secondary phlegm is hot, so do not eat too much; A diet of spleen deficient diarrhea. It is important to note that loquat has a high sugar content, and the mother with diabetes should avoid eating loquat. Loquat kernel is poisonous and inedible.

Eat the notes of loquat.

The outer skin of loquat fruit has a layer of fuzz, so it is better to eat after skin. The following should be noted when eating loquat:

1. Go to the pediment and skin of loquat: the pediment of loquat is the one with the head, the skin of mature loquat is easy to go, just rip it off.

2. Tail: the tail is more troublesome. After the skin is removed, two fingers are used to pull upward, then the whole tail is taken off. Because the tail also has fluff and some dirt, must dispel.

With loquat, with the food.

1. Liquor + loquat: it is easy to convert the carotenoid in loquat into oxidizing substance and attack normal cells, which is not conducive to health.

2. Milk + loquat: the combination of the protein in milk and the malic acid in loquat will produce organic acid. If the organic acid reaches a certain content, the milk will be changed and precipitated.

3. Wheat + loquat: wheat, spleen, dysentery, kidney and sweat, and quenching thirst, but with loquat and the same food.

Match the food with loquat.

Pomegranate + loquat: both contain malic acid and citric acid, which helps to increase appetite, help digestion, and increase stamina and endurance.

2. Honey + loquat: the effective substance in loquat can suppress the influenza virus. If it is accompanied by honey with the efficacy of phlegm and relieving cough, liver and other functions, it can moisten the throat and relieve the cough.

3. Ginseng + loquat: loquat has a good curative effect on lung and stomach diseases. If ginseng, ginger and clove are used, it can be used to treat nausea and vomiting.

How to choose loquat?

Every listed on loquat season, how to choose the delicious fresh loquat is a lot of knowledge, to eat the proper loquat is beneficial to health, follow the steps below to allow you to pick the delicious fresh loquat oh!

1, first of all, to pick loquat (complete, fruit are well-preserved, loquat leaf surface usually with a layer of fuzz and shallow fruit powder, well-preserved elucidation didn’t by any damage in transit, is fresh, the content of vitamin C and other nutrients.

2. It is suggested to choose medium sized loquat fruit with better taste. Too large loquat may use an expanded agent, too small loquat show that the fruit on the same tree is more, the nutrition will be less.

3. The darker the loquat, the better the maturity, the sweeter the taste, and the rich flavor; However, the loquat, which is pale yellow, green, hard and not easy to peel, is immature or immature loquat.

There are two kinds of loquat, one is red meat loquat, one is white meat loquat.

Characteristics of white meat loquat:

Pulp white to light yellow, not orange. The fruit of almost all white meat batches is thin and easy to peel, the meat is delicate, soft and easy to melt, the juice is sweet and refreshing, the quality is excellent, and it is suitable for fresh food. The skin is thin, not resistant to storage, not suitable for processing, easy to eat. For example: white pear (a kind of white meat loquat), maturity stage in late April.

Characteristics of red meat loquat:

Red meat loquat fruit small to medium, the pulp is yellow, orange or orange red, the meat is thicker, the taste is thicker. The skin is thick and resistant to storage.

If the loquat is placed in the refrigerator, it will become black due to excessive water vapour, usually stored in a dry and ventilated place. Loquat, because of its polyphenols, is easy to Browning and discoloration after peeling. It can be soaked in cold water, sugar water or salt water, and can prevent discoloration.

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