What is loquat? What’s the benefit? Can pregnant women eat? Attention?

Please note that this article mainly talks about the medical value of loquat in traditional Chinese medicine. Most of the data are the experience summary of traditional Chinese medicine and lack of necessary scientific research results. Please do not use the contents of this article as a reference for disease and treatment.

Effect and function of loquat

Loquat is rich in all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body and is a nutrient-rich health fruit. 

Mature loquat has sweet taste and abundant nutrition, including fructose, glucose, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamins A, B and C, etc. Its carotene content is the third in all fruits.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes loquat has the functions of moistening lung, relieving cough, relieving cough, etc[1].

Loquat leaf is also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes loquat is of great benefit to respiratory diseases of human body[2].


1. flowers of Eriobotrya japonica

Flowers of Eriobotrya japonica can be used to treat cough, common cold and other disease symptoms in traditional Chinese medicine.

The mixture of 20g flowers of Eriobotrya japonica and honey can be used as a healthy tea drink. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this tea can treat respiratory discomfort caused by common cold.

2. the Eriobotrya Japonia nut

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the Eriobotrya Japonia nut can treat cough, hernia, edema and other symptoms.

Take 10g of the Eriobotrya Japonia nut, mash and decoct, add appropriate amount of crystal sugar to the juice to treat cough.

The Eriobotrya Japonia nut can be used to treat lymphatic tuberculosis by grinding appropriate amount of powder and mixing with wine for external application.

3. Loquat peel

Loquat skin is also called loquat wood white skin. Traditional Chinese medicine believes loquat skin can be used as a medicine for vomiting.

4. root of loquat

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that loquat root can be used as a traditional Chinese medicine for treating joint pain and pulmonary tuberculosis.

Efficacy and function of Loquat 

The nutritive value of Loquat is abundant, there are various kinds of fructose, glucose, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin A, B, C and so on, among which carotene content is the third in each fruit. Loquat-Shaped Cake can effectively supplement the body nutritional components, improve the disease resistance of the body, and play the role of physical fitness. Chinese medicine thinks loquat fruit has the function and effect of moistening lung, relieving cough and relieving thirst. 


The effect and function of loquat leaf.

Apart from loquat fruits, loquat leaves and the Eriobotrya Japonia nut are also commonly used Chinese medicinal materials.

According to the Chinese traditional medical document Compendium of Materia Medica, loquat leaves have good effects on nausea, respiratory discomfort, thirst and dryness.

Loquat seeds and new leaves are slightly toxic. If you eat them raw, pipa seeds will release trace amounts of cyanide, but the general amount is not enough to cause harm to human body.

Piba leaves have the effect of inhibiting influenza virus. Chinese traditional medicine believes that loquat leaves can be made into herbal soup (boiled soup) to prevent influenza.

Removing villi on the back of fresh loquat leaves, cutting into fine pieces, and decocting into soup can also be used for treating pulmonary phlegm and hemoptysis.

However, this is a summary of the experience of traditional Chinese medicine and there is no scientific experiment to prove it.

The applicable people of loquat.

The general population can eat loquat, pregnant women, babies and nursing mothers can eat loquat.

Pregnant women can improve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting by eating loquat in early pregnancy.

Eriobotrya japonica is rich in nutrition. Eriobotrya japonica can stimulate Digestive Gland secretion, promote Appetite and help digestion and absorption, which is very helpful for bad babies in Appetite.

Moreover, loquat fruits and leaves can also resist influenza virus, so eating loquat can prevent influenza.

However, attention should be paid not to eat immature loquat, which may cause slight poisoning.

At any time, you should eat a proper amount of loquat. If symptoms such as allergy occur after eating loquat, consult a doctor immediately.

Can pregnant women eat loquat?

Can pregnant women eat loquat? The answer is yes. Loquat besides high in vitamin C and B vitamins, also contains carbohydrates, protein, fat, cellulose, tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, etc., which contains beta-carotene for fresh fruit in the highest, the carotenoids can be converted into vitamin A in the body, is the source of vitamin A security.

In addition, loquat has good medicinal value, such as relieving cough and vomiting.

Eating loquat in early pregnancy can improve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Loquat fruits and leaves can resist influenza virus, so pregnant women can prevent influenza by eating loquat.

Can the baby eat loquat?

Babies can eat loquat.

Babies over one year old can eat a moderate amount of loquat, but start with a small amount and observe whether there is any allergy.

If your baby has cough, you can make loquat into diluted juice for your baby to drink.

Loquat is rich in various nutrient elements needed by human body and is a nutritious health fruit.

Loquat is rich in cellulose, pectin, carotene, malic acid, citric acid, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamins A, B and C.

Rich in vitamin B and carotene, it has the functions of protecting eyesight, keeping skin healthy and moist, and promoting baby’s physical development.

Loquat can stimulate Digestive Gland secretion, promote Appetite, help digestion and absorption, quench thirst and relieve summer heat. It can also prevent cancer and aging.

The amount of loquat babies eat should be strictly controlled, and you should strictly observe whether there are allergic symptoms.

Can you eat loquat in lactation?

Loquat can be eaten during lactation.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that pipa is beneficial to relieve vomiting, nausea, cough and other symptoms during lactation.

Modern medicine has even proved that loquat fruits are rich in vitamins, amygdalin, resveratrol and other anti-cancer substances, which are beneficial to nursing mothers.

Lactating mothers had better not eat loquat leaves and other traditional Chinese medicines, the chemicals of which have not been studied, which may be harmful to your baby.

Eat the notes of loquat.

The outer skin of loquat fruit has a layer of fuzz, so it is better to eat after skin. The following should be noted when eating loquat:

1. Go to the pediment and skin of loquat: the pediment of loquat is the one with the head, the skin of mature loquat is easy to go, just rip it off.

2. Tail: the tail is more troublesome. After the skin is removed, two fingers are used to pull upward, then the whole tail is taken off. Because the tail also has fluff and some dirt, must dispel.

With loquat, with the food.

1. Liquor + loquat: it is easy to convert the carotenoid in loquat into oxidizing substance and attack normal cells, which is not conducive to health.

2. Milk + loquat: the combination of the protein in milk and the malic acid in loquat will produce organic acid. If the organic acid reaches a certain content, the milk will be changed and precipitated.

3. Wheat + loquat: wheat, spleen, dysentery, kidney and sweat, and quenching thirst, but with loquat and the same food.

Match the food with loquat.

Pomegranate + loquat: both contain malic acid and citric acid, which helps to increase appetite, help digestion, and increase stamina and endurance.

2. Honey + loquat: the effective substance in loquat can suppress the influenza virus. If it is accompanied by honey with the efficacy of phlegm and relieving cough, liver and other functions, it can moisten the throat and relieve the cough.

3. Ginseng + loquat: loquat has a good curative effect on lung and stomach diseases. If ginseng, ginger and clove are used, it can be used to treat nausea and vomiting.

How to choose loquat?

Every listed on loquat season, how to choose the delicious fresh loquat is a lot of knowledge, to eat the proper loquat is beneficial to health, follow the steps below to allow you to pick the delicious fresh loquat oh!

1, first of all, to pick loquat (complete, fruit are well-preserved, loquat leaf surface usually with a layer of fuzz and shallow fruit powder, well-preserved elucidation didn’t by any damage in transit, is fresh, the content of vitamin C and other nutrients.

2. It is suggested to choose medium sized loquat fruit with better taste. Too large loquat may use an expanded agent, too small loquat show that the fruit on the same tree is more, the nutrition will be less.

3. The darker the loquat, the better the maturity, the sweeter the taste, and the rich flavor; However, the loquat, which is pale yellow, green, hard and not easy to peel, is immature or immature loquat.

There are two kinds of loquat, one is red meat loquat, one is white meat loquat.

Characteristics of white meat loquat:

Pulp white to light yellow, not orange. The fruit of almost all white meat batches is thin and easy to peel, the meat is delicate, soft and easy to melt, the juice is sweet and refreshing, the quality is excellent, and it is suitable for fresh food. The skin is thin, not resistant to storage, not suitable for processing, easy to eat. For example: white pear (a kind of white meat loquat), maturity stage in late April.

Characteristics of red meat loquat:

Red meat loquat fruit small to medium, the pulp is yellow, orange or orange red, the meat is thicker, the taste is thicker. The skin is thick and resistant to storage.

If the loquat is placed in the refrigerator, it will become black due to excessive water vapour, usually stored in a dry and ventilated place. Loquat, because of its polyphenols, is easy to Browning and discoloration after peeling. It can be soaked in cold water, sugar water or salt water, and can prevent discoloration.

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