The effect and function of Prunus amurensis.

The effect and function of Prunus amurensis. 

Fire dragon fruit is a treasure, because of the healthy longevity of food, therefore, also known as longevity fruit, so what are the efficacy and role of the dragon fruit? 


The efficacy of the dragon fruit. 

1. Detoxifying and detoxifying, protecting stomach wall; 

2.Anti-aging, preventing degeneration of brain cells and inhibiting the occurrence of dementia; 

3. Whitening the skin and nourishing the face; 

4. To lose weight, moisten intestine and smooth intestine, prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer and so on. 

The role of Prunus chinensis. 

The fruit juice is sweet and sweet, besides fresh food, it can also make wine, can be canned, jam and so on. Flowers can be dried into vegetables, color can be refined edible pigment. 

In addition to preventing constipation, promoting eye care, increasing bone density, helping cell membrane formation, preventing anemia and anti-neuritis, mouth horn inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and whitening the skin to prevent black spots, The utility model also has the functions of relieving heavy metal poisoning, resisting free radicals, preventing senile pathological changes, reducing body weight, preventing colorectal cancer and so on. More recent studies have shown that the juices of the fruit and branches play a positive role in tumor growth, viral and immune response inhibition and other diseases. 

Nutritional value of Magnolia chinensis. 

The fruit is rich in nutrition and unique in function. It contains plant albumin and anthocyanin, vitamin C and water-soluble dietary fiber, which are rare in plants. It collects “fruit”, “flower”, “vegetable”, “health care”, “medicine” as a whole, it is called priceless treasure. 

1. Plant albumin. 

The fruit is rich in plant albumin, which is rare in general fruits and vegetables. Many people know that heavy metals (mainly lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, chromium) are harmful to human health. The active albumin contained in the fruit of the dragon contains heavy metal ions in the human body, will quickly wrap it, avoid intestinal absorption, through the excretion system out of the body, thus playing a role in detoxification. 

2. Vitamin C. 

Dragon fruit contains rich vitamin C, has a good skin beauty and whitening effect, and the flesh of the water soluble fiber content is also very rich, the postpartum weight loss has a good effect. 

The black kernel of the fruit contains a variety of enzymes, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, which helps gastrointestinal peristalsis to moisturize the intestines, and has the effect of adjuvant treatment for constipation during pregnancy, postpartum constipation and constipation in children. 

3. Anthocyanins. 

The peel of the fruit contains a very precious nutrient, anthocyanin, which is a powerful antioxidant and immune-enhancing substance that can be stored in human blood for 75 hours, more than 10 times stronger than carotene. Through the blood is transported to the whole body to anti-oxidation, anti-free radicals, anti-aging, anti-Alzheimer ‘s effect. 

The pericarp of fire dragon fruit is not like general water fruit skin is so astringent mouth, so when eating dragon fruit, try not to discard the pink peel of inner layer as far as possible. Anthocyanins should be eaten raw because they are sensitive to temperature. Can be scraped with a knife directly raw, or cut into strips of cold, juicy edible is also a good choice. 

4. Glucose. 

In addition, the flesh of the dragon fruit almost does not contain fructose and sucrose, the sugar is mainly glucose, this kind of natural glucose, easy to absorb, suitable for eating after exercise. Because the glucose of fire dragon fruit does not taste sweet cause is mistaken for this is low sugar fruit in fact the sugar content of fire dragon fruit is higher than imagine so diabetic patient should not eat more. 

Nutrient content of Prunus chinensis. 

In the nutritional analysis of western medicine, there were 83.75 grams of water and 0.34 g of ash in every 100 grams of fruit pulp, there were also a large number of anthocyanins (the most abundant red meat fruit varieties), water-soluble dietary protein, plant albumin and so on. The content of soluble solids was 12- 13%. 

Nutrient NameContentNutrient NameContentNutrient NameContent
Heat59.65 (KCAL)Fiber1.21 (g)Calcium6.30-8.80 (MG)
Protein1.10 (g)Dietary fiber1.62 (g)Phosphorus30.20-36.10 (MG)
Crude protein6.60 (g)Vitamin C5.22 (g)Iron0.55-0.65 (MG)
Crude fat2.00 (g)Fructose2.83 (g)
Carbohydrates13.91 (g)Glucose7.83 (g)

Medicinal value of Prunus chinensis. 

In the view of Chinese medicine, dragon fruit taste sweet, light, cool, Qi Qingxiang, has the effect of clearing heat, moisturizing lungs, cough. 

The medicinal value of Chinese medicine can be divided into: flowers can treat dry and hot cough, hemoptysis, neck lymph node nucleus, stem treatment mumps, hernia, carbuncle swelling poison; Meat has the effects of lowering plasma cholesterol, improving blood glucose production, preventing constipation and colon cancer, controlling body weight, lowering estrogen levels, and detoxifying. Virus and immune response to suppress diseases and other symptoms showed a positive role. 

In addition to preventing constipation, protecting the eyes, increasing bone density, helping cell membrane formation, preventing anemia and anti-neuritis, phlegmatitis, lowering cholesterol, and preventing black spots, the fruit is effective. It also has the functions of reducing body weight, relieving heavy metal poisoning, resisting free radical, preventing senile pathological changes, preventing colorectal cancer and so on. The more recent results showed that the juice of the fruit and stem of the dragon fruit had a positive effect on the growth of tumor, the inhibition of virus and immune response, and so on. 

The suitable crowd of dragon fruit. 

Fire dragon fruit is a male and female young and old Xianyi a very good nutritional fruit, to prolong life, health has an important role, but high sugar content, suffering from diabetes people should not eat more. Qi depression constitution, phlegm dampness constitution, blood stasis constitution of the crowd should not eat more. 

Can pregnant woman eat dragon fruit? 

Fire dragon fruit is a nutritious fruit, in addition to the special body of pregnant women, pregnant women can eat some of the right amount of dragon fruit, but not too much. It has the effect of preventing constipation, preventing anemia, improving skin and whitening skin. Although the dragon fruit does not taste sweet, 

Can the baby eat fire dragon fruit? 

The baby can eat proper fruit after adding auxiliary food, but suggest that just add fruit auxiliary food from apples, bananas and other common fruits start, relatively easy to cause allergies. There are small seeds in the flesh of the fruit, so wait until the baby 7-9 months to add, and when added, the seeds should be ground. 

Can you eat dragon fruit during lactation? 

Breast-feeding mothers can eat dragon nuts. The fruit has few pests and diseases, and the growth is basically pollution-free. It can satisfy its normal vegetative growth and reproductive growth without using any pesticides and hormones. Postpartum constipation is one of the common postpartum diseases, eat some dragon fruit can prevent and cure postpartum constipation, very suitable for postpartum breastfeeding mother consumption.

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