Often farting is where did the body appear problem?

One of the most important things a surgeon cares about is “shit.” After surgery, patients must exhaust (farting) before eating, can see the importance of farting. Life farting is a very normal thing, often farting and diet, living habits have a great relationship, if there are no other symptoms (abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, defecation habits change) there is no problem. 


Where does fart come from? 

Adults have 100 to 150 milliliters of gas a day in their intestines, most of them fart out of the body. These gases come from two sources: 

One is that when we eat and drink water, there is naughty air creeping through the mouth and into the stomach. Some of the naughty air goes out of the body by burping, and the other part of the gas goes into the intestines to form intestinal qi. Out of the body by fart. 

On the other hand, it is because eating too fast, and eat more sweet potatoes, chestnuts, soy products, dairy products and other easy “gas” food. 

Do you often fart because of a physical problem? 
The amount of farting varies widely among individuals, and often varies depending on what you eat. In general, it is normal for adults to emit 10 to 15 farts a day. 

Reasons for frequent farting: 

1. Eating fast, talking while eating and gobbling up eating habits; 

2, ate more easily produce gas food such as: ground gourd, Chinese chestnut, bean product and milk product; 

3. Sedentary, lack of movement; 

4. Lactose intolerance, which is often found in abdominal distension, diarrhea and exhaust after drinking milk. 

5. The number of farting times is also related to the strength of human digestive function. When a person indigestion, intestinal peristalsis decline, its intestinal bacteria fermentation fast, easy to produce gas and make people often farting. Old people and habitual constipation, because of the lack of tension in the intestinal cavity, poor driving force, food residue stay time long, gas production is often the reason for farting. 

Where the hell’s my fart? 

Public farting is a very embarrassing thing, I believe a lot of people will choose to hold back, so the back of the fart went to where? 

The gas produced in the digestive system of the human body, after accumulating to a certain extent, must be exported anyway. And hold your fart, fart after a period of time will be absorbed by the intestinal wall into the blood, so the intestinal pressure disappeared, you feel the intestinal tract relaxed. 

However, fart does not disappear, it just follows the blood into the whole body circulation, and then fart to the liver, will be filtered by the liver, and then to the lungs. Fart will travel all over your body, eventually with the breath, through your mouth by you out of the body. The original fart out from the mouth is not flickering! 

In this process, the odor components (such as hydrogen sulfide, indole, ammonia, faeces, etc.) are mostly transformed in the liver, no longer have the smell of fart. 

People who often fart without any other discomfort are not physically ill. By adjusting the diet (reduce the amount of “gas” food, such as beans, potatoes, lactose intolerant people to drink yogurt or creamy milk; chew slowly; appropriate exercise, can ease.

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