Is there any relationship between life expectancy and smoking and drinking?

It is not to say that smoking and drinking can determine the length of life, but only that smoking and drinking increases the risk of short life. 

Why do you say that? 

It can be said that at present, smoking and drinking have been integrated into the lives of many people. Most of them have the habit of smoking and drinking, and even this has become a social custom. It is a terrible and sad thing to drink a lot of wine to maintain a relationship at a party or treat. 


You should know that smoking, excessive drinking and exposure to special circumstances are key environmental factors that cause cancer. More than 70 components of cigarette smoke have been identified as carcinogens, and the carcinogenic effect is very significant. You can take a look at the remarkable results of tobacco control in the United States. 

According to the latest cancer statistics report published by the world-renowned academic journal CA:ACancer Journal for Clinicians: 

The incidence of common cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer has decreased significantly in the United States since 1991. In 2018, there were about 1.735 million new cases of cancer and about 610000 deaths in the United States, down 26% from 1991. 

Alcohol has long been classified as a carcinogen by various authorities. Acetaldehyde, the metabolite of alcohol, can lead to mutations in the gene of hematopoietic stem cells, leading directly to blood cancer, such as common acute leukemia. In addition, due to lack of immune cell function, Leading to the ability to clean up the whole body cancer cells weakened, increase the incidence of all kinds of cancer. 

The American Society of Clinical Oncology has cited data on alcohol as a carcinogen. At the same time, the latest data show that 41% of oral cancer and 21% of esophageal cancer are related to alcohol consumption, 5.5% of cancers worldwide and 5.8% of cancer deaths are caused by alcohol, or even every 18 cancer patients. One of them was drunk. 

Of course, if anyone had not retorted that his grandparents had smoked and drank and lived for more than a hundred years, the public food conversation would only say that the individual exception should not be imposed on the macro facts, and besides, How do you know if he can live longer if he doesn’t smoke and drink? 

People should know that not smoking and not drinking alcohol can effectively reduce the short-term risk. Of course, there are many other factors in life that will affect the life span of the human body, including eating less barbecue, pickling, fried and other foods. Only by taking comprehensive care and minimizing the risk of cancer can life span be effectively extended.

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