What happens if you eat mango too much? Allergies? Fat? How much should you eat?

What happens when mangoes eat too much? 

Mango stomach abstinence, vitamin A content is high, although beneficial to health, but if mango eat too much, but may lead to physical maladjustment, and even lead to a variety of diseases. What harm does mango eat? Mango eating too much can cause the following five problems: 

Mango can’t eat with what, when can’t eat mango ?

Mango:Nutritional value, benefits, role and applicable population


1. Dermatitis. Mango eating too much can cause dermatitis. Mango leaves or juice to allergic constitution of people may cause dermatitis, so it should be noted. 

2, cause stomach problems. Chinese medicine says that people with deficiency of qi and spleen should not eat too much mango, because mango is a cool food, it will reduce the peristalsis of stomach after eating, eating too much will result in indigestion and abdominal distension, so people with poor function of intestines and stomach should also pay attention to eating mango less. 

3. Causing throat problems. Generally speaking, eating uncooked mangoes will cause throat problems, because uncooked mangoes will secrete certain substances, which can irritate the throat and may cause hoarse throat. 

4, easy to full. Mango is rich in protein, is a few rich in protein fruit, so mango eat too much will easily produce the feeling of fullness. 

5. Aggravating skin diseases, gynecological diseases, internal diseases and so on. “dampness” is one of the six pathogenic factors in traditional Chinese medicine. Skin diseases such as eczema, sores and abscess, gynecological diseases such as leucorrhea, internal medical diseases such as edema, beriberi and so on can all be described as “dampness”. People with wet physique will eat dampness food such as mango, which may worsen the situation. On the contrary, some people, especially female friends, will worry that eating mango will increase acne, and this is a worrying idea. 

Does mango get hot if you eat too much? 

Many people think mango eat too much will go on fire, in fact, mango itself will not cause fire, but high sugar in mango, if sugar can not be decomposed in time, will cause fire. Different people have different physique, just like some people eat lychee will get hot some people can not, this kind of situation cannot generalize. 

Here need to remind every expectant mother attention, pregnant fire is to the baby’s influence, easy to cause fetal poison accumulation, if appear constipation or cough, will increase abdominal pressure, to the baby is even more disadvantageous. So if eating sugary fruit causes a lot of fire, here are some suggestions: 

1. Vitamin B can be taken to regulate; 

2, diet should pay special attention to the stewed pear and honey water has the role of fire moisturizing, can adhere to take appropriate amount of each day, help to remove the fire; 

3, eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid greasy and spicy food as far as possible; 

4, body and mind relax, temper do not be impatient. 

Do mangoes get fat if they eat too much? 

Mango eating too much can lead to fat. 

Mango itself is a fruit containing sugar, and it contains more sugar. If you eat mango in large quantities for a long time, if the sugar is not metabolized in time in the body, it can be stored in the body to form tissues of the human body. So mango eating too much can lead to obesity. 

Is mango allergic if you eat too much? 

Mango eating too much can cause allergies. 

Mango contains a large number of acid, amino acids, proteins, and so on, these substances contain more irritant substances, contact with the human skin, will cause allergies, severe will appear redness, pain. But not everyone who eats mango will have allergies, and even if they have allergies, their reactions will be different. Some people will have reactions on the same day after eating, while others will not have symptoms until two or three days later. 

Although mango is rich in vitamins, is a good fruit, but in the past have allergic symptoms, try not to eat mango. Especially have had mango allergy person, had better not eat mango, lest allergy is entangled. In addition, because the immunity of children is worse than adults, more susceptible to allergies, in addition to mouth swelling, often because of rubbing the eyes, but also cause other skin allergies. Doctors advise, when eating mango had better cut into small pieces, with toothpick to the mouth, as far as possible do not touch the lips around, swallow the entrance will be more secure, after touching mango juice to pay attention to hand washing. Once appear allergy, had better come to the hospital to see a doctor, must not handle by oneself. 

The early treatment of mango dermatitis is to use 3% boric acid solution to cool and wet the affected area, 2-3 times a day. At night, you can apply “Yudrol” or “skin relaxed” ointment on the surface of the affected area. At the same time, some anti-allergic drugs such as chlorpheniramine, cyproheptadine, etc. can also be administered under the guidance of a doctor. If the patient’s local symptoms are severe and large blisters appear, they can also be treated with corticosteroid drugs under the guidance of a doctor. In addition, while treating with various drugs, patients should wash their face with cool water, avoid using hot water and soap to wash their face and itch, not to use various cosmetics and lipsticks on the face so as not to aggravate the condition. Doctor reminds, mango sex dermatitis general course of disease is one to two weeks, once had mango sex dermatitis person, cannot eat mango again later, otherwise, not only easy to relapse mango sex dermatitis, and the disease will become more and more serious and difficult to treat every time. 

How much mango to eat. 

There is no specific amount, you should rationally eat mango according to your own physical condition, try not to eat too much, because mango is a tropical fruit, relatively hot and humid, especially the baby should eat less. One at most. It is best to cut the mango into diced for the baby to eat, because it is not easy to contact the lips to reduce allergies. 

The mango flesh is golden, sweet and juicy, the aroma is attractive, the good stomach stops vomiting. Pericarp can treat eczema dermatitis. But do not eat with spicy things, eat more harmful to the kidneys.

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