Mango:Nutritional value, benefits, role and applicable population

The nutritive value of mango

Mango Fruit Nutritional value is very high, vitamin A content as high as 3.8%, more than apricot 1 time times. Vitamin C also exceeds the content of oranges and strawberries.Mango contains sugar, protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, are necessary for the human body. Mango in addition to edible, has a great medicinal value, its peel can also be used medicinally, for diuretic, dredging agent.


According to the analysis data of several mango cultivars in mango producing areas of China, mango soluble solids 14%-24.8%, sugar content 11%-19%, protein 0.65%-1.31%, each 100 gram flesh nutrient content are as follows:

Nutrient NameContentNutrient NameContentNutrient NameContent
Heat32.00 (KCAL)Vitamin A150.00 (μg)Magnesium14.00 (MG)
Fat0.20 (g)Vitamin C23.00 (MG)Iron0.20 (MG)
Cellulose1.30 (g)Vitamin E1.21 (MG)Copper0.06 (MG)
Carbohydrates8.30 (g)Carrot Element897.00 (μg)Potassium138.00 (MG)
Protein0.60 (g)Thiamine0.01 (MG)Sodium2.80 (MG)
Nicotinic acid0.30 (MG)Zinc0.09 (MG)Phosphorus11.00 (MG)
Riboflavin0.04 (MG)Manganese0.20 (MG)Selenium1.44 (μg)

Effect and function of mango

1, yi Stomach stop vomiting, stop halo: Mango for Vertigo, Meniere syndrome, high blood pressure dizziness, nausea and vomiting have curative effect. The pulp or the mango-fried water can also have a good effect on vomiting in pregnant women.

2, reduce cholesterol: often eat mango can continue to supplement the body’s vitamin C consumption, lower cholesterol, triglycerides, conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and Mango contains the carrot element, can benefit the eye, moist skin, is the beauty of the women’s good fruit.

3, dispel disease cough: Mango contains mango glycosides have the efficacy of relieving cough, to cough , phlegm, asthma and other diseases have adjuvant therapeutic effect.

4, anti-cancer anti-cancer: Mango contains mango ketone acid, mango alkyd and other three acetic acid and polyphenol compounds, with anti-cancer pharmacological action; mango juice can also increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, so that feces in the colon stay time shortened. Therefore, Mango is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of colon cancer ;

5, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory: mango immature fruit and bark, stems can inhibit suppurative cocci, Escherichia coli, and so on, mango leaves extracts also inhibit suppurative cocci, E. coli, can be used to treat human skin, digestive tract infection disease;

6, eyesight: Mango sugar and vitamin content is very rich, especially carotene (vitamin A) content accounted for the first fruit, with the role of eyesight.

The suitable crowd of mango

Suitable crowd: The average person can eat. Especially suitable for the stomach yin deficiency, thirsty pharynx dry, stomach gas weakness, vomiting and other sickness.

Pregnant women and babies can eat mango , pregnant women eat some mangoes have the effect of vomiting, but because the mango sugar content is high, so pregnant women with gestational diabetes should also avoid food. Mango nature with wet poison, and contains more irritating substances, baby immunity Low, there can cause allergies. So the baby is best to eat mango in moderation after one year of age.

The doctor advises the maternal and the lactation period female best not to eat the mango, because the mango is apt to cause damp and humid, easily causes the mother to appear the fire, the baby allergy and so on.

Unfavorable crowd:

1, mango with wet poison, suffering from skin disease or tumor, should avoid eating.

2, Allergy Constitution People should be careful to eat, because mango leaves and mango juice will cause allergic to the body of the dermatitis , so allergic people should pay attention.

3, the people with Qi deficiency, spleen deficiency, it is best not to eat.

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