How long can AIDS live?Can AIDS have children?

How long can AIDS live. 

How long can AIDS live? The duration of asymptomatic period of infection can be long or short, less is 2 years, and more than 20 years. Its length is closely related to the route of infection. In general, the duration of infection through blood (mainly illegal blood collection and sharing syringe) is 4-5 years. Sexual intercourse usually lasts 11 to 13 years and can be called a long-term survivor if the asymptomatic period of an infected person reaches 13 years. 


When the immune cells in the infected person can no longer compete with HIV, it marks the final stage of HIV infection, known as the symptomatic stage, when the infected person is called AIDS-AIDS, and they are very vulnerable to other diseases. Some ordinary infectious diseases, such as pneumonia, which do not pose a threat to human life at ordinary times, will be out of control once they enter the body of AIDS, and people will generally die within 6 to 24 months. 

HIV destroys large numbers of immune cells every day, and bone marrow compensates by accelerating the generation of new cells, but the rate at which new cells are replenished is always less than the rate at which cells are lost. In normal people, there are about 800 to 1,000 immune cells per cubic millimeter of blood, while in infected people, the number of immune cells per cubic millimeter of blood drops at a rate of 50-70 per year. When the immune cells are reduced to about 200 in a cubic millimeter of blood, the rate of decline accelerates. 

Can AIDS be cured? 

Can AIDS cure? At present, there is still a lack of effective drugs to cure HIV infection worldwide. The current treatment objectives are: to minimize and sustain the viral load; to obtain immune function reconstruction and maintain immune function; to improve the quality of life; to reduce the incidence and mortality associated with HIV. 

AIDS is a special virus, and the difference with ordinary viruses is that it destroys the body’s immune system. And the immune system is the key system to fight the virus and bacteria invading the human body.So it is difficult to develop effective anti-HIV drugs. Although AIDS can not be cured at present, but with the improvement of medical technology and the development of science, I believe it is possible to overcome this difficulty in the future. 

Can AIDS have children? 

Can AIDS have children? AIDS mothers can give birth to healthy babies. When a woman is diagnosed in hospital, the hospital will carry out hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS and other blood tests, which is also the first step of screening. If it is found that mother-to-be testing for AIDS positive, the medical staff will tell me, let them decide for themselves.Adhere to continue to pregnancy, delivery, it is necessary to carry out antiviral treatment, as far as possible to block mother-to-child transmission. For such mothers, doctors do not recommend a natural delivery, postpartum do not breastfeed. 

In the case of 100 women (HIV-infected persons or patients), the increase in the number of people living with AIDS is about 2-3 per cent if the intervention begins from the start of pregnancy; but without intervention, the proportion of people living with HIV / AIDS will expand from 30 to 40 per cent. In addition, AIDS is like a chronic disease, the whole society should not discriminate against people living with HIV and patients, but they should also live in safety.

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