Can pregnant women eat mango? What’s the impact?

Can pregnant women eat mango? 

Can pregnant women eat mango? Pregnant women can eat mango, some mango appropriate for pregnant women. Mango pulp juicy, can quench thirst Shengjin, and mango also has the effect of antiemesis, can improve pregnant women’s early pregnancy vomiting symptoms. Mango also contains rich dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help defecate, so mango pregnancy constipation has a certain prevention and treatment. 

What happens if you eat mango too much? Allergies? Fat? How much should you eat?

Mango can’t eat with what, when can’t eat mango ?

Mango:Nutritional value, benefits, role and applicable population

Although pregnant woman eats mango benefit although, what should notice is, mango nature brings wet poison, if pregnant woman oneself suffers from dermatosis such as eczema, sore abscess, tumour, gynaecology disease such as leucorrhea, should avoid eating. 

Precautions for pregnant women to eat mango. 

1. Beware of allergies. 

Mango contains some easily caused by human allergies, allergic people contact mango will get “mango dermatitis”, skin itching, rash and other symptoms, so pregnant women with allergic constitution can not eat mango. In addition, after eating mango, wash off the skin around the mouth lip left mango juice meat, so as to avoid allergic reactions. 

Mango allergy is a delayed allergic reaction, which usually occurs 6 days after eating mango and can occur within a few hours after repeated contact. So if you are not sure if you are allergic, the best way is not to eat too much at a time. Observe for a period of time, if really do not allergy, safe to eat again. If a pregnant woman has allergic dermatitis, it is best to seek treatment from a professional dermatologist. 

2. Eat mango in moderation. 

Mango is hot and humid fruit, after eating will larynx itch, dry mouth, yellow face and other “hot” symptoms, even if they do not have a sensitive history, a few mango can also immediately have a sense of silence, need to immediately use light salt water gargle solution. 

So for pregnant women, mango taste good, but never gluttonous, pregnant mother do not eat more than three a day. 

3. People with deficiency of spleen and kidney, patients with diabetes mellitus should take it carefully. 

If a pregnant woman suffers from skin diseases such as eczema, sores and abscess, gynecological diseases such as leucorrhea, internal medical diseases such as edema, beriberi and so on, they are all symptoms of “dampness” in the body, and those with dampness will then eat dampness food such as mango. Could worsen the situation. So pregnant women with the above symptoms should be careful to eat mango. 

Because mango sugar content is high, eat more can cause hyperglycemia, so oneself suffers from diabetes pregnant woman should avoid eating. 

What if pregnant women eat mango allergies? 

Eating mango is prone to allergic reactions, so in a special period of pregnant women to avoid mango allergies? 

Some people eat mango will be red spots, vomiting, diarrhea and other phenomena. Such a patient may be allergic constitution, it is not appropriate to eat mango. Most patients have mango allergies that can be avoided. 

1. How to avoid eating mango allergies. 

When eating mango, most people are used to peeling it off and eating it directly, so it’s easy to stick the juice to the side of your mouth or to the skin of your face. And some people on the face of fruit juice also do not think that the juice remains on the skin for a long time will have an irritating effect on the skin, causing allergic reactions. Therefore, pregnant women in eating mango, it is best to cut the flesh into small pieces, directly into the mouth. After eating mango, should gargle, wash face, to avoid juice residue. 

2. How to eat mango allergy. 

If pregnant woman after eating mango appears skin pruritus, redness and swelling, the circumstance of diarrhoea, should stop to eat mango immediately, go to regular hospital to treat, do not take antiallergic drug without authorization. 

According to general experience, even if you do not have a sensitive person, eating a few mangoes at a time will also have a sense of silence, can be resolved with light salt gargle. If you are allergic to physique and like to eat mango pregnant women, can eat some mango dry greedy, both appetizers and appetizers. 

Pregnant woman eating mango? 

Pregnant women eat mango will be angry? This should be judged by mango properties and the health of pregnant women. 

Mango properties belong to dampness and heat. Chinese medicine believes that food properties are not only divided into four categories: heat, humidity, cold and dry, and most of them are mixed, that is, dry heat, wet cold, dry cold, and different degrees of attribute strength and weakness. Mango is a very hot and humid fruit. 

But before pregnancy menstruation has black blood clot, body has sores poison or eczema, spring easy diarrhea, lips red always go on fire, such pregnant woman belongs to damp and hot constitution, ate mango is sure to be angry, so had better not eat mango. Mango itself has heat poison, coupled with the merger of damp and heat, it is easy to let the fetus eczema bile yellow. 

The pregnant woman of body cold eats mango in an appropriate amount is won’t fire, but should not eat more, and had better eat in the morning.

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