Can baby eat mango? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Can babies eat mango? 

When adding supplementary food to the baby to the same, the fruit suggested from the juice to add, slowly transition to the fruit paste. Add juice to baby after 4 months and mixed juice after 6 months. Can baby eat mango? Mango is nutritious, the fruit contains sugar, protein, coarse fiber, contain vitamin A proto (carotene) composition is particularly high, is rare in all fruit. However, because mango contains a large number of allergenic acid, will cause allergies, so it is not recommended that one-year-old baby in the supplementary menu to add mango, the best choice is to add apples, bananas and other not easy to cause allergic fruit. 

Can pregnant women eat mango? What’s the impact?


The baby can feed a small amount of mango after one year of age, the mother needs to observe the baby’s reaction first, wait for the baby to adapt gradually, did not appear indigestion, allergy and so on the situation can eat some more. But a day is best controlled in 50 grams, should not eat too much, so as not to affect the intake of other foods. 

What are the benefits of eating mango for a baby? 

Mango is known as the “king of tropical fruits” because of its tropical fruit essence. So baby can eat mango? What good does baby eat mango? 

1. Beneficial to growth and development. 

Mango nutritional value is quite high, carotene content is particularly high, is beneficial to the baby vision development. Let the baby ingest sufficient vitamin C, carotene, calcium and other trace elements, the growth and development of the baby is often beneficial. 

2. Protection of brain neurons. 

Mango also contains a mangiferin substance, has an obvious anti-lipid peroxidation and protection of brain neurons, can delay cell aging, improve brain function. 

3. Dispelling diseases and stopping cough. 

Mango contains mango glycoside has the effect of eliminating disease cough, phlegm, asthma and other disorders have auxiliary dietetic effect. 

4. Improving stomach, stopping vomiting and halo. 

Mango is effective for vertigo, Meniere syndrome, hypertension dizziness, nausea and vomiting. 

5. Moisturize skin. 

Because mango contains a lot of vitamin, so often eat mango, can play the role of moisturizing baby skin. 

6. Prevention and treatment of hypertension and arteriosclerosis. 

Mango contains nutrients, vitamin C, minerals and so on, in addition to the effect of cancer prevention, but also with the prevention of arteriosclerosis and hypertension of the diet. 

Precautions for baby to eat mango. 

1. Be careful of mango allergies. 

Because mango contains more irritant substances such as acid, amino acids, various proteins, and the skin of children is very thin, tender, easy to be stimulated, and their own immunity is poor, they lack the ability to resist the toxins that cause allergies. Easy to cause children’s allergies. 

Mango allergies usually occur in areas where mangoes are in contact but are not cleaned in time. There are skin rash in the face, redness and swelling of the lip, itchiness around the mouth, irritation of the lips, tongue, pharynx, anaphylaxis, and even rash on the extremities, which is hard to bear. Pretty painful. And the baby’s skin is very thin, very tender, particularly vulnerable to irritation, if not handled properly will appear blisters and erosion. 

When eating, it is best to cut the mango into small pieces, and try not to get mango juice to the corners of the mouth and face. After eating mango, also pay attention to wash your hands, wash your face, and gargle your mouth. 

2. Mango should not be overemphasized. 

Mango sex dampness heat, stomach has damp heat symptom, damp heat constitution citizen also should pay attention not to overdose edible, lest produce enterogastric adverse reaction. Pineapple, peach may also be sensitized, edible should also pay attention to. 

3. It is best to eat mango after one year of age. 

Young baby eats mango to cause allergy more easily, had better eat mango after one year old, eat a little good at the beginning, should observe baby whether have allergy, mouth horn inflammation wait for unwell symptom, once appear unwell, should stop feeding immediately. 

4, asthma and allergic constitution of children are not suitable to eat mango, this kind of children eat mango easy to induce old disease.

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