What tea nourishes the stomach?

If you want to be in good health, you have to raise your stomach, so how to raise your stomach. This topic has been a subject of great concern. We know that each person’s body constitution is different, so to drink what tea nourishing the stomach, that depends on the specific circumstances, if you are of the stomach cold, drink green tea is not the stomach feel uncomfortable, so nourishing the stomach by drinking tea or to see their own constitution.


1. Drinking pu ‘er tea at the right concentration will not stimulate the stomach. After entering the body’s intestines and stomach, the smooth, viscous and mellow tea will form a layer of membrane attached to the surface of the stomach, which will protect the stomach! Therefore, drinking pu ‘er tea for a long time can help to nourish the stomach and protect the stomach. Pu ‘er tea also promotes gastrointestinal motility, so long-term drinking helps to relieve constipation.

Drink black tea also can raise a stomach oh, everybody still do not know. It is recommended that you drink better in winter. When you drink it, you can drink it with the right amount of red dates and longan, which will make your stomach better.

3. If you eat bitter gourd and watermelon, you will feel sick or weak, and we recommend that you drink neutral or warm tea.

However, it is worth noting that in order to raise your stomach, you should first develop a good eating habit, do not overeat, and eat regularly, which is the premise of stomach and stomach.

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