What food can nourish a stomach?

Nourishing the stomach food

We know that the person with bad stomach need special attention in the diet, in addition to not eat the food of some taboos, appropriate eat more nourishing the stomach, the role of protecting stomach food, but it’s good for stomach. What about the stomach food?


1. Millet: millet is one of the most well-known stomach-nourishing food. It contains a lot of enzymes, and it has the function of stomach-digesting and tranquilizing. Small rice porridge with steamed bread, its stomach effect is better.

2.Noodles: eat noodles to raise your stomach, which is beyond any doubt, and many pasta dishes have the function of nourishing the stomach, such as steamed bread. Noodles are warm, soft and easy to digest, and are generally alkaline. Eating noodles does not produce too much stomach acid and is easy to digest, which is good for people with bad digestion.

3. Cabbage, kale is known as the natural “stomach”, was one of the world health organization recommends the best vegetables, it contains vitamin K1 and vitamin U, not only can resist stomach ulcer, the protection and repair of gastric mucosa tissue, also can keep active strong stomach cells, reduce the risk of disease.

4. Pumpkin: pumpkin of temperature, contain vitamin and pectin, pectin can protect gastrointestinal mucosa, from the stimulation of coarse food, promote healing of ulcer surface, suitable for the patients with stomach disease, is one of the best nourishing the stomach vegetables.

5. Mountain medicine: it is a kind of mild and nourishing food, which is a kind of gentle and nourishing food. It has the effect of invigorating the spleen and nourishing the stomach. The special adhesive protein of yam can moisten the gastric mucosa and protect the stomach. It also has a certain effect on the treatment of stomachache.

6.Sweet potato: sweet potato, sweet taste, invigorating spleen qi. According to the compendium of compendium, “supplement, warm stomach, fat five dirty.” , often eat sweet potato to have the effect such as stomach, aid digestion, but sweet potato although keep a stomach, should remember not to eat more.

7.Milk: does milk keep your stomach? That’s for sure! Milk has the function that protects gastric mucosa, but do not drink milk on an empty stomach, the person of cold stomach recommends not drink cold milk. In addition, yogurt is also the food of the stomach.

8. Pu ‘er tea: in the case of a suitable concentration, drink peace of puer tea to intestines and stomach does not produce stimulation effect, after the puer tea into the stomach, can form a protective film attached to the surface of the stomach, therefore, the long-term drinking puer tea can have the effect of nourishing the stomach, to protect the stomach.

In addition to the food mentioned above, there are a lot of food in the stomach, such as peanuts, honey, spinach, carrots and so on.

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