Test-tube babies and diet.

The diet before a test tube baby.

1. During the prenatal period, it is necessary to eat more protein-containing foods, especially those with poor ovarian function. Such as chicken, duck, fish, egg, bird’s nest, shrimp, soybean and its products can complement protein.


2, before transplantation, women can eat grapefruit, cereals, amaranth, red beans, lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, asparagus, orange, orange, grape, such as animal liver more folic acid (also need to transplant)

3, if patients with endometrial three months before transplant began to eat more soy foods (especially black beans), and durian to fill lining is good also, but easily lose, unfavorable eat too much at a time

4. If the woman with anemia can eat three or four red dates a day before the transplant, or drink more red sugar water, then do not eat after the transplant. Red jujube red sugar water is a living blood and should not be eaten during pregnancy.

5, take eggs in the morning after eating, appropriate is delicate, avoid is fat, edible cake, bread, steamed bread, etc., do not eat meat, Fried glutinous rice, eggs, milk, soybean milk and other food difficult to digest, lest appear nausea, vomiting and discomfort.

6. After the egg is taken, drink more water and drink more juice, and eat more food that is good for the urine (winter melon soup) to prevent ascites.


Diet of IVF during ovulation promotion

Because before carrying on the test tube transplant, will carry on the test tube baby to promote ovulation to the patient, at this time easy to cause the ovary to excite. Such patients initially have abdominal distension and other discomfort, at this time as much as possible a small number of meals, moderate control of salt intake. 

Pregnant women with high blood glucose were 3 times, 7 times and 2 times more likely to give birth to an overweight fetus, the incidence of fetal congenital malformation, the chance of gestational toxemia or the need for caesarean section, respectively. On the other hand, high blood sugar can increase the kidney burden of pregnant women. 

If the pregnant woman long-term high fat diet, increases the daughter to develop the reproductive system cancer the risk. Eating high fat foods for a long time will increase the concentration of cholic acid and cholesterol in the large intestine. 

If the pregnant woman blindly carries on the diet, is harmful to the fetus unhelpful. Pregnant women supplement calcium excess, the fetus may have hypercalcemia, after birth, children will become wider and prominent jawbone, adverse to healthy growth and development.

Diet has a great impact on people’s bodies, especially when you are a test-tube baby, you should be more careful.

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