Probabilities, Safety, and quality of Twins in IVF

What are the odds of twins in IVF. 

IVF technology is to use ovulation to obtain more eggs, embryos, and transfer 2-3 embryos into the uterus to complete pregnancy. IVF has greatly improved the success rate of IVF babies. After years of development, IVF technology has been quite mature. Ovulatory drugs are not used as test tube babies in the natural cycle to monitor follicles and serum hormones, in the near ovulation before ovulation, for in vitro fertilization. The advantage of natural cycle oviposition is that it avoids the stimulation of ovary by drugs, reduces the cost of patients, avoids multiple pregnancies, but the clinical pregnancy rate is much lower than that of promoting ovulation. At present, most reproductive centers use IVF under ovulation induction cycle. 

What are the odds of in vitro twins? At present, the annual birth rate of twins and multiple births has reached 20% in some countries with high birth rate. It must be a happy thing to have twins. Not having too many babies is more risky than singleton, and the danger is for both mother and child. Mothers of multiple births are more likely to develop gestational syndrome such as diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy, and the probability of postpartum hemorrhage is high, and it is also more likely to occur prematurely. Therefore, as soon as IVF patients find multiple pregnancies, they must follow the advice of the reproductive doctor to carry out fetal reduction surgery, three or more must reduce the number of pregnancies, twins should be recommended to reduce the fetus. 


In vitro twins process. 

In vitro twins are the same process as single babies, but one or two more embryos may be transferred at the time of embryo transfer. However, not everyone is suitable for twins, whether or not to have twins depends on the size of the uterus, endometrial conditions in order to determine. Because some people with small, poor bodies are pregnant with twins, doctors may also recommend a reduction in pregnancy, as having twins may threaten the mother’s health. 

Test-tube babies are not all you want to have. The doctor will evaluate them according to your physical condition. If you have two in your womb environment is the best, then the doctor will definitely not help you put three. It is easy to be self-defeating if the number of embryos is not placed on the basis of physical conditions. 

In vitro twins. 

The cost of in vitro twins is actually the same as that of twin twins, but it is easier to conceive a single child, and twins really have to rely on their physical fitness. 

Domestic and foreign test-tube baby hospital is very many, the technology is not uniform, the cost is also very big difference. The cost of IVF mainly has the cost of ovulation promoting drugs, the cost of different ovulation drugs varies greatly, the drugs are imported and made in China, as low as thousands of high as tens of thousands of exist. So what kind of ovulation promoting drugs used on the success rate of IVF is also very large. 

Others are hospital transplants and other costs, and doctors charge different fees for different techniques, such as embryologists for test-tube babies, and skilled doctors who may take 10 eggs that can be assigned to 7-8 embryos; Well, at present, generally speaking in China, 10 eggs can only be matched into about 4-5 embryos. If the number of embryos is small, the possibility of screening is small, and the number of high grade embryos is naturally low, which has a great impact on the success rate of IVF. 

Test-tube twins, okay? 

It’s a good thing to have twins, but both the mother and the baby are at risk. Pregnant twins and mothers with multiple pregnancies are more likely to develop high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy and consume more bleeding and are at high risk. For a reborn child, the disease of premature birth and congenital lung disease may accompany the child for life, which not only increases the financial burden of the family, but also increases the burden on the society. 

Is it okay for test-tube babies to have twins? In general, it is such a joyous event that a couple gives birth to twins, so that many infertile couples request doctors to implant at least two embryos when developing IVF techniques. They want to have an extra child through IVF. But reproductive experts believe that the twin and multiple births brought by assisted reproductive technology should be prevented as far as possible. Experts say iatrogenic multiple births are considered failed assisted reproduction in medicine. 

Can twins of test-tube babies give birth smoothly? 

Can twins of test-tube babies give birth smoothly? If the fetal position is normal, the body size is suitable, the mother age is not more than 30 years old, each B-mode ultrasound data is quite normal, and after the doctor appraises that the smooth labor is feasible, then may choose the natural birth. 

If the uterine contractions are weak or the waiting time is too long in the natural labor process, some drugs to accelerate the delivery can be used to increase the uterine contractility and shorten the labor process; If encounter foetus too big or uterine contraction is weak, parturient physical strength is not enough, want to use perineum side cut, fetal head draws a device to help parturition. Artificial assisted vaginal delivery is a little more difficult than natural delivery, but with the help of doctors, the majority of women can give birth smoothly.

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