Pay attention to “Mother’s Health” menopausal Diet on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming, and the topic of “Mother’s Health” is getting a lot of attention. Indeed, no matter how beautiful and gentle women are, they cannot escape the “invasion” of menopause. During this period of menopause, women may have various physical and mental discomfort, and because many women are in a state of emotional uncertainty at this stage, Some even refer to “flammable explosive explosion” as a synonym for menopause. What most people don’t know is the importance of eating properly to help women get through menopause more smoothly. So how should menopause be defined? To survive menopause safely, what should women pay attention to on diet?


Menopause is a transitional period in which the ovarian function of women tends to decline gradually from exuberant state to disappear completely. The international standard is that menopause begins about 10 years before menopause and ends 10 years after menopause. It took about 20 years. At present, the average menopausal age of women in China is 49 years, so we can set the age of female menopause at 40 to 60 years old. 

It is well known that menopausal women have a series of physical and psychological changes. But many people do not know that the adjustment of dietary structure, attention to dietary nutrition, can alleviate many symptoms of discomfort menopause, help menopausal women more smoothly through this special period. Specifically, the following six dietary and nutritional issues should be noted for menopausal women: 

First, because menopause is a transitional period in which women gradually move from middle age to old age, the various functions of the female body begin to weaken and, in addition, the amount of activity decreases, leading to a general decline in basic metabolism. This causes menopausal women to suffer from bloated bodies. Therefore, menopausal women should control the intake of energy, in order to prevent a reasonable diet caused by middle-aged “fat.” 

Second, menopausal ovarian function degradation, body sex hormone decline, some tissue and organ functions also decline, to ease this degradation and maintain its function, menopausal women need to ensure adequate protein intake. At the same time, in order to give full play to the physiological function of protein and improve the utilization of food protein, people can follow the following two principles: first, the farther the biological species of food, the better.That is, the best use of animal food with plant food. Secondly, the more kinds of food to match the better, the daily variety of ingredients to ensure more than 12. 

Third, menopausal women estrogen level decreased, the role of lipid regulation weakened, often will appear hyperlipidemia. Therefore, we should strictly control oil in the ordinary diet, and on the basis of oil control, we should choose more vegetable oils containing ω -3 unsaturated fatty acids. 

Fourth, menopausal women also need to take enough vitamins to alleviate menopausal symptoms and delay aging. Among them, should pay special attention to vitamin D supplementation, because it can help menopausal women increase immunity, improve the body’s disease resistance. 

Fifth, menopausal women in the diet, should also ensure adequate intake of trace elements, especially calcium. This is mainly because of menopausal women in the body of estrogen levels and bone calcium content decreased, prone to osteoporosis and other symptoms. In the diet, menopausal women can focus on calcium rich foods, such as milk, yogurt, soy products and so on. It is worth reminding that when the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in food reaches 1:1, it can promote calcium absorption more effectively. 

Sixth, because irritant food will aggravate the special physiological response of menopause, so menopausal women diet should be as light as possible, at the same time ban smoking, limit alcohol, less espresso.

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