Menopause:Symptoms, causes and care

Symptoms of menopause. 

Menopause, for women, refers to a transitional period in which ovarian function gradually declines from exuberant state to complete disappearance, including a period of time before and after menopause. 

Menopause, no matter how long the beginning of the morning and evening, can be divided into premenopausal, menopausal (menstrual stop) and postmenopausal (menstrual cessation of 1 year later), and gradually decline to complete disappearance of ovarian function as a sign. Menopause is a transitional stage from sexual maturity (reproductive period) to old age. It is an important stage in the process of human aging and especially obvious physiological changes.More than 90 per cent of women have varying degrees of symptoms that affect their personal health and quality of life.


The specific manifestation of female menopause.

1, 30 years old or so: the skin is apparent to appear the color spot, flabby, dark and dull, pore is thick, rough, acne is unnormal phenomenon of female.

2, between the ages of 30 to 40: endocrine disorders, such as menstruation to be not moved, breast prolapse, genital dry, female secondary sexual disease such as loss of libido apparent recession, weakening and symptoms of menopause women.

3. Between 40 and 55 years old: women with insomnia, multiple dreams, night sweats, hot flashes, irritability, physical and mental decline, memory loss, osteoporosis and other menopausal symptoms;

4. Over 55 years old: a large decline in renal function and the basic atrophy of middle-aged and elderly women.

Four major symptoms of female menopause:

In general, postmenopausal women have the following four symptoms during menopause:

1. Hot flushes — symptoms that occur frequently in menopausal women.

2. Heart palpitation — also known as panic, is one of the most common symptoms of menopause.

3. Abnormal performance of mental and neurological symptoms.

Back pain — the early symptoms of osteoporosis in menopausal women.


Top 10 considerations for female menopause health care.

A third of the life of a woman will be passed after menopause (the most prominent manifestation of menopause). Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention and health measures during different periods of menopause. According to experts, menopause health care should be paid attention to the following ten points:

1. Understanding menopause is a natural physiological process, understanding the necessary knowledge, and correctly understanding the symptoms of menopause.

2. Maintain a psychological balance, adjust your attitude, keep optimistic, build up confidence in the fight against disease, and eliminate undue fears and anxieties.

3, healthy and harmonious family, not only make the mood of the menopausal women happy, eliminate worry, and can resolve the bad stimulation from work and life, build up life confidence.

4. Keep fit for proper exercise, slow down physical decline, and give yourself enough energy and energy to work and live.

5. Pay attention to work and life should be regular, do not drink before bedtime, do not drink tea, do not watch dangerous and sad movies, in order to maintain good sleep.

6, the reasonable meals because of menopause, women’s physiological and metabolic changes must be gastrointestinal absorption loss, should be limited, heat, animal fat, sugar, cholesterol and salt intake, supplement of high-quality protein (milk, fish, beans, lean meat, mushrooms, seafood, black fungus, etc.), vitamins, trace elements, calcium and fiber. To maintain normal metabolism.

7. Moderate sexual activity is conducive to good health.

8. Prevent menstrual disorders from bleeding after menopause, and should not be negligent, should be diagnosed and treated in time if abnormal phenomenon occurs.

9. The incidence of gynecological tumors after menopause is increased regularly, so gynecological examinations should be performed regularly to achieve the early prevention and treatment of tumors.

10. Pay attention to the personal hygiene and oral hygiene of menopause: entering the menopause, the teeth begin to loosen, the chewing function drops, and the good oral hygiene habit should be formed; Skin health: menopause, weakened because of the protective skin, want to often take a bath, frequently change underwear, no soap bath, in case of too much body fat to wash to cause infection, genital health: should be washing pudendum, every day to keep them clean and comfortable.


Menopausal women health care focuses on physical and mental health care.

Female menopause health care:

1. Regular gynecological examination should be carried out to pay attention to the cleaning of the genitals and regular physical exercise to enhance physical fitness.

2. Take calcium tablets or eat foods rich in calcium. For example: dairy products, fish, meat, beans, vegetables, fruits and other foods containing more calcium.

3. Properly control the diet, eat more vegetables, fruits and lean pork, ribs, fish and shrimp, soy products, kelp, etc., eat less animal intestines and pig intestines, pork liver and so on. Of course, the biggest maintenance priority is to balance female hormones.

4. Quit smoking and alcohol, coffee and caffeinated foods; Under the guidance of the doctor, proper use of hormones and calcium to prevent and control neurological disorders, osteoporosis, genital atrophy and so on.

5. Eat nutrient-rich foods while eating less fatty foods.

Mental health care for female menopause:

1. Knowing about knowledge, keeping a good mood and taking an active part in recreational activities, this is the most important aspect of female menopause.

2. Be careful to control your emotions, be regular in your life, and don’t be in a hurry, be nervous, or force yourself to stop thinking.

3. Take some time each day to relax and relax your mind and body. Breathe fresh air.

4, you might as well find some new things to do for yourself, such as volunteering, to enrich your life.

5. Be positive in your life, not depressed or negative.


The principles of exercise for menopausal women.

Life is movement, and female menopause also needs exercise. Female menopause is a lot of women also has a problem for a period of time, in this period of time of female menopause fast aging, if the right amount of let whole person, do some sports games will also relieve the discomfort of the female menopause symptoms. There are six principles of exercise for female menopause:

Persistence: after middle age, most people refuse to move. After realizing the importance of physical exercise, I will stick to it and stick to it. Especially to overcome three days of fishing, two days of exposure to the net, to receive good physical exercise.

2. Step by step: in the course of physical exercise, we should follow the principle of gradually increasing the amount of exercise by the small amount of activity, because the physical strength, endurance, dexterity and so on are gradually improved. Human internal organs, functional activities also need an adaptation process, can not be anxious to achieve, should not produce fatigue.

3, moderate movement: no matter what kind of sport, it is necessary to make the various parts of the body muscle and joint can get exercise, but excessive movement, is detrimental to health, easy to cause fatigue and even internal organs or body damage. Therefore, the female menopause should pay attention to proper rest. In the early stage of physical exercise, it should be light, soft and stable. During exercise, you should avoid the movement of fast, rotating or phubbing, or the movement that may fall. It is not suitable for people to participate in the intense activities with competitive or disruptive activities in middle age, and it is not suitable for long periods of repetitive labor.

Exercise time: the morning air is fresh and full of energy. It is the best time to exercise. After the meal, should not immediately undertake the activity, should rest 1 ~ 2 hours, just be suitable for female menopause exercise.

5. Precautions before and after exercise: before exercising, you should prepare activities to prevent the panic, gas and fainting caused by sudden and violent activities. After the movement, should carry out to organize the activity, the body gradually returns to the normal state, in favor of the whole body organ adjustment, also can prevent to the body adverse factor occurrence.

6. When the body is not comfortable or has no energy, it can not be forced to exercise, can reduce or temporarily stop exercising.


The reasons for early menopause.

There are a number of cases that show that there are five major reasons for women’s menopause.

1. The age of menopause in women is related to the age of menarche, while the age of menarche in modern women is early, with an average age of 12.5. The average age of menarche in primitive society is 19.

2. Early menopause is related to the decline of modern female fertility. Because in the years of pregnancy and lactation, the ovaries are not ovulating, which saves a lot of follicles and slows the process of ovarian decline.

3, women menopause and life state also has a lot to do ahead of time, if the fast rhythm of life, mental pressure, combined with obesity, chronic diseases, can easily lead to premature ovarian function, and appear menopause in advance.

4. Some medical reasons can lead to early menopause, such as hysterectomy, hormonal contraceptive and multiple miscarriages.

Different people may have different reasons for early menopause. Therefore, in the prevention and control of early menopause, it is necessary to take targeted measures according to their own conditions so as to achieve the best results.

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