Junk food aggravates arthritis.

Arthritis is a common disease of modern people, and the elderly population is the main group. A new study, published recently by the university of rochester medical center in the United States, says that supplementing probiotics and balancing intestinal flora can alleviate some of the symptoms of arthritis.


The mice were fed a high-fat diet, such as cheese and hamburger, for 12 weeks. The mice developed obesity and diabetes and doubled their body fat to healthy mice. Their colons accumulate a large number of inflammatory bacteria, and the probiotics, such as bifidobacterium, are almost entirely absent. After the deterioration of microflora in the intestinal tract of mice, it was accompanied by systemic inflammation, including osteoarthritis of the induced knee meniscus. The researchers also observed a rapid development of arthritis in mice with a high-fat diet, which nearly faded after 12 weeks of tearing.

The researchers then replaced the high-fat diet of obese mice with probiotics (low-fructose) diets. The mice did not lose weight, but the meniscus was as healthy as the normal mice. According to the researchers, the probiotics can’t be absorbed directly by the body, but it can stimulate the growth of probiotics in bifidobacteria. After the probiotics grow, they can gradually eliminate the inflammatory bacteria and then slow down the cartilage degeneration of the diseased joints.

Research lead author Eric Scott said: “there are no specific drugs that can delay the development of arthritis, let alone reverse it. But eating less junk food, by improving the microbiome in your body, or achieving a true cure for arthritis. The scientists plan to study the effects of probiotics and probiotics on arthritis.

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