Hymen repair:Function, Safety, precautions and Nursing Care

Is hymen repair useful?

hymen Repair is a gynecological plastic surgery, is under the partial anesthesia to stop the operation, peace without any pain, and postoperative effect lifelike, without any reaction. The correct care after the hymen repair operation facilitates faster recovery. After the hymen repair surgery needs to take the routine antibiotics daily, washes the perineum with the warm water every day, in order to insist partial cleanness, and uses disinfect the wound one week to prevent the infection.

Although it is a small operation, but also must not be careless, should go to the right track professional hospital to stop surgery, safety is guaranteed.



Hymen Repair safe?

For a professional gynecological hospital, the hymen Repair is a small operation, outpatient can be completed. Although it is a small operation, but gynecological plastic surgery is very strict, doctors will generally observe how the hymen rupture, at the same time check vaginal vulva has inflammation, there is no fever or other diseases, and then arrange a reasonable operation time.

hymen Repair surgery Specialist To do this operation is very safe and reliable, the success of hymen surgery and hospital conditions, equipment problems, or preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative aseptic operation are related.


Precautions for hymen Repair

1, before the operation to do a comprehensive gynecological examination , if there are gynecological inflammation or sexually transmitted diseases to first treatment, and then do the hymen repair Surgery, otherwise it will cause infection, leading to serious consequences.

2, surgery to avoid menstrual period, the general arrangement of the operation in the menstrual net three days to 10 days better.

3, during pregnancy can not do the hymen repair.


Nursing after hymen repair

1, after surgery to follow the doctor’s advice to take the antibiotics and other anti-inflammatory drugs, wash the perineum with water, to ensure local cleanliness.

2, 20 days after the operation do not do squat, two legs separate too large and so on, to avoid the hymen complex crack.

3, after the operation to eat more fruit, to avoid constipation.

In addition, follow the doctor’s advice after surgery. After the operation more attention to rest, do not ride, squat, excessive legs and other movements, as far as possible to maintain the perineum dry, loose, cotton underwear , do not use sanitary napkins and health pad ; eat more fruit and liquid food to prevent constipation.



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