Conditions for being a test-tube baby

In order to ensure the success rate of the operation, a certain condition should be satisfied for the operation of IVF. In addition to physical and mental health, no hereditary diseases, the husband and wife should not be too old, especially the woman should not be over 40 years old. If the woman is too old, the ovarian response to drugs will decrease, the number of eggs will decrease, and the quality of eggs will also decline, fertilization rate, pregnancy rate will be reduced, abortion rate and fetal malformation rate are higher than young women. 

In addition to the above conditions, we should also pay attention to the indications of IVF. Clinically, oviduct infertility, unexplained infertility, endometriosis, male infertility (severe oligozoospermia, or azoospermia), Those who need to obtain sperm by testicular or epididymal puncture), abnormal ovulation (no mature follicle growth through general ovulation therapy), cervical factors and other infertility patients still can not pregnancy after other routine treatment, are all indications of IVF-ET. 


IVF may be performed on infertile patients with the following conditions: 

1. Bilateral tubal obstruction: oviduct obstruction or poor peristalsis caused by inflammation, tuberculosis or endometriosis, congenital fallopian tube absence or ectopic pregnancy, etc. IVF technology has built a bridge for these patients. It can be said that bilateral tubal obstruction is the absolute indication of IVF. 

2. Immune infertility: semen after washing, insemination in vitro to avoid interference of immune factors. 

3. Male factors: after washing and concentrating, semen can be inseminated or not in vitro. 

4. Unexplained infertility: in the present examination condition, no obvious etiology has been found, and the rate of pregnancy can be obtained about 25% by using in vitro insemination embryo transfer technique in patients who have not been successfully treated by other treatments.

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