Causes of waist pain and how to protect the waist

 A summary of the waist pain

The woman’s small waist, not only is the scenery, is also a health sensitive area. If you ignore the love for it, it will easily hurt. Excessive fatigue, long sit long standing, wear low waist trousers, when sitting confinement … Do you consider the waist, and also with us to bear. Health is a lifetime thing, the same is true for the waist department. Where does waist ache come from?

Low back pain refers to the waist side or both sides or the median place pain, not only a symptom of a variety of diseases, but also as an independent disease, can be seen in modern medicine called kidney disease, rheumatism, rheumatoid disease, lumbar muscle strain spine and trauma, gynecological and other diseases. Waist pain is a symptom, not an independent disease, causes the waist ache the reason is many, is also more complex, therefore appears the sustained and the unexplained waist ache, do not take lightly, should arrive at the hospital as soon as possible diagnose, avoids certain serious disease the development. When the waist aches first must pay attention to changes the life style, is not suitable wears the heel the shoe, has the condition to choose the negative heel shoe. Daily life should be more than a hard bed, bed can reduce the waist pressure, reduce pain.


What are the reasons for women’s waist pain?

Low back pain is a common disease, especially for women. The female body characteristic and the physiology characteristic, causes Lumbago to appear the opportunity to be many more than the male. The pain of Lumbago also has different, also represents the different situation.

1. Kidney deficiency lumbago

Kidney deficiency Lumbago is the most common low back pain in women. Its pain for the whole waist continuous ache, dull ache, limp and weak. Overworked or aggravated after the house.

In Traditional Chinese medicine theory, waist is the intestine of kidney, main reproduction and feminine menstruation. The most common is the kidney Yang deficiency caused by lumbago, waist cold pain, weak waist and knees. Female blood loss too much every month, at the same time bear gestation, production, will damage kidney gas. Women who had children and repeated abortions were more likely to have such lumbago.

2, cold and wet lumbago

Mainly is the waist is caused by the cold invasion, the pain is partial (the waist is partial) the ache, the performance is the chilly pain, rainy day aggravating.

3. Blood Stasis

Lumbar muscle strain or sprain causes local congestion and QI and blood operation is not smooth, this lumbago is also more common, pain performance for local tingling and needle sting pain.

This situation, first of all to exclude the quality of the disease, such as lumbar disc herniation, kidney stones, nephritis, especially computer family. The duration of the low back pain caused by the disease is longer, and the early and blood stasis is not good to distinguish, should be checked.

4, pelvic inflammation caused by low back pain

This kind of lumbago is quite different from that of men and is a common lumbago for women of childbearing age. pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis cause of lumbago, clinically more common. Pain for the bottom of the waist acid ache, accompanied by lower abdomen fall pain, Leucorrhea increased .

How to self-test waist age

Age, skeletal age, psychological ages, etc., affecting human health “age” now has a new member: waist age. White-collar family, you can measure the “waist age.”

To make reference to one’s peers:

1, we all do a bend to touch the toes of the action, others do it easier, and their own very laborious, even a little pain waist;

2, everyone an outing hiking or other overload exercise, others sleep a recovery, and their own two or three days still slow, backache.

If so, you really have to reflect, your “waist age” is likely to exceed the standard.

The prevention method of waist ache

1, the morning to get up first activity waist

When you get up every morning, you have to move your waist first. Usually do more shrink abs, stretching waist muscle movement, as well as walking, walking walk and cycling , etc., can prevent and reduce the waist pain .

2, learn to relax, reduce tension

Tension can make the blood hormones increase the waist disc enlargement and cause waist pain, so reasonable arrangements for work and rest, keep a happy mood to prevent waist pain has a great help.

3. Maintain correct posture

No matter what you do, you can’t violate your physiology. Sedentary people to sit back close to the back of the chair, so that the waist muscles to relax and rest, and sometimes backward stretch is also a good way to prevent lumbar pain.

How to protect the waist

1, waist muscle to exercise

Backward, yoga, jogging can be exercised to the waist muscles, at the same time, you can often twist waist, sleep in bed to do swallows fly. For sedentary workers, you can do every day at intervals to do chest enlargement movement (at this point, the two elbows should be flat), and back to the waist, pulling up and so on.

2, Four Seasons warm

Menstrual period, the birth of children can damage kidney gas, therefore, women should always pay attention to the waist warmth. such as confinement period, to wear long clothes to protect the waist in order to avoid the occurrence of confinement diseasein the lumbago.

3. Adjust and repair the kidney yin

If excessive menstruation, often waist cold pain, sexual apathy, should be timely nursed the kidneys, women should be more tonifying kidney yin, enhance resistance. Can eat some kidney-nourishing food, such as Medlar, Yam, Longan, Walnut. Also often eat some proprietary Chinese medicine: Liuwei dihuang pill . If the yin deficiency of fire, can eat Bai dihuang pill, kidney-yang Lumbago can eat Golden GUI kidney gas pill.

4, sexual intercourse, do a good job of contraception

abortion Many people, easy to hurt the kidneys cause inflammation.

5. Moderate thickness of mattress

There is a physiological curvature of the waist, the mattress can be properly thickened, moderate hardness can be, so that the waist muscle fully rested.

6, heel not too high

Do not wear too high shoes, easy to increase the waist of fatigue, long-term standing, walking as little as possible to wear. At the same time, the physiological period , breast-feeding try not to wear low waist trousers.

Gynecology department expert’s waist side: As female gynecology expert Liu Cheng Tibetan doctor most commonly used to protect the waist method is, will rub the hands to the fever, puts to the waist, promotes the blood circulation. In addition, often pull the parallel bars and go backwards.

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