Can pregnant women eat kiwis?

Can pregnant women eat kiwis?

Can pregnant women eat kiwis? Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and other nutrients, and the taste is very good, so it is popular with the public. To see if pregnant women can eat kiwifruit, first look at the main nutritional readings in kiwi fruit.


Kiwi fruit contained in dietary fiber, vitamin C, calcium, etc. Are all the necessary nutrients during pregnancy, and which are rich in trace elements for the growth of fetal baby has great role in promoting. One third of the fiber in it is pectin, especially in the skin and flesh. Pectin reduces cholesterol and prevents cardiovascular disease. The fruit of the kiwi fruit contains about 13 percent of the sugar, about 2 percent acid, which is very suitable for pregnant women, and it contains 400mg/g of vitamins, nearly 9 times higher than oranges.

Pregnant women can eat kiwis. Pregnant women eat kiwi fruit with blood to stop bleeding, can prevent hemorrhagic disease; Can protect skin, eliminate pregnancy spot; Strengthen immunity; It can play the role of dryness and dryness; In addition, kiwifruit is rich in folate, which is an essential nutrient for fetal growth and development. Pregnant mother can eat 1-2 kiwi fruit daily, can satisfy the demand of dietary fiber and vitamin C, can stable mood, improve the quality of sleep, so pregnant women eat kiwi fruit is good for himself and tire baby.

When pregnant women eat kiwi fruit, the daily intake should be controlled in 1~2. And kiwi fruit is a cool fruit, the pregnant mother of deficient cold of spleen and stomach should be careful food, lest cause abdominal pain diarrhoea. The pregnant mother of diarrhoea also should not eat kiwi fruit, prevent diarrhoea symptom to become serious. Do not drink milk or other dairy products immediately after eating kiwi, so as to avoid bloating and diarrhea. Pregnant mothers with threatened abortion should also not eat, and should consult a doctor before eating kiwi.

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