Analysis of common problems of women’s daily care.

What are the taboos for women to take a shower?

Bathing and changing clothes is one of the health conditions, but sometimes inappropriate bathing behavior can be counterproductive, causing discomfort and even disease. Women need to pay more attention to the taboo of bathing: you can’t take a cold shower, you can’t take a bath after a full meal, and you should not take a bath during the menstrual period…


Can you wash your hair during menstruation?

When female menstruation comes tide, the blood vessel constricts in the scalp when the scalp encounters cold water, can make the blood more reduce but not free, cause the blood circulation is not good. Therefore, should pay special attention to the body’s warmth, avoid using the cold water to wash the head to bathe, if really want to wash the head, also should after washing the head immediately use the blower to blow dry, in order to avoid the wind chill…

When do women need to detoxify?

Woman constipation, obesity, chloasma, acne, bad breath, itchy skin, duodenal ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, and so on and so forth, which is the body to warn you, it’s time to detoxify the body.

Why do girls often have backache?

Lumbago is a common disease, especially among women. Women’s physical characteristics and physiological characteristics make the occurrence of lower back pain more than men. And the pain of back pain also has different, also represents different situation…

Can anaemic women exercise?

Female friends not suitable for severe anaemia or sport for a long period of time, and only suitable for some exercise is not too much exercise, such as short distance jogging, walking, broadcast gymnastics, qigong, tai chi, etc.

How to choose the best method of contraception?

People are in different periods, not only their physical condition, but also their actual thoughts and opinions. Therefore, the optimal method of birth control is different at each stage.

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