You can live another 11 years without doing these two things.

No smoking, no drinking, 11 years.


According to U.S. media, China is the second country in the world to drink alcohol. According to the world health organization, the total number of smokers in China reached 316 million by 2016. Many people know that smoking and drinking are bad, but they can’t. According to a new study published in the journal of health affairs by the Max Planck institute for statistics in Germany, non-smoking and non-drinking can prolong life by four to five years and seven years.

Between 1998 and 2012, more than 14, 000 americans aged 50 to 89 never smoked. The survey found that they lived four to five years longer than others. The average person who drinks or does not drink is seven years longer than the average person. Compared with smoking, overweight and excessive drinking, men who never smoked and drank moderately increased their lives by an average of 11 years and women by 12 years.

Dr. Milsley, the institute’s director, points out that it is generally believed that improving medical technology is a guarantee for people’s health and longevity, but after treatment, many people’s quality of life is not high. The study shows that a healthy lifestyle allows people to enjoy a longer, healthier life without any cost. It is recommended that people give up smoking and alcohol as soon as possible and be responsible to their own families.

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