What is the ideal state of a middle-aged man?

The ideal man should be strong, bold and powerful. Specifically, it should be energy, sex, proud flesh and memory. But for many middle-aged men over 55, there aren’t many.


This decade is the most androgenic.

Middle-aged men between the ages of 55 and 65 are most likely to develop symptoms of androgen deficiency. Due to the gradual aging of the body, the endocrine function especially (gonadal function) decreases, the male more or less will have sexual function decline, erectile quality and frequency decline, sexual dysfunction; Forgetfulness, inattention, depression, irritability; Fatigue, poor sleep, mental decline, decreased physical ability, decreased appetite, decreased muscle, obesity, especially abdominal fat accumulation, as well as blood vessels such as hot flashes and night sweats, etc. It is better to go to the hospital as soon as possible to check the serum total testosterone and free testosterone to confirm whether testosterone is required.

Testosterone makes men more men.

Manliness is a kind of masculinity, while masculinity is actually a male hormone high in the body. Testosterone is the most important male hormone in the body, mainly produced by the interstitial cells, which is important for the production of male libido and the maintenance of sexual function. Testosterone has three main roles, promoting the development of male reproductive organs, maintaining male secondary sexual characteristics and libido, and promoting sperm growth. Every one of them is closely related to the happiness of men. From the perspective of the evolutionary theory, the stronger the body, the stronger the biological value of men. Women also mostly know that men’s health is directly related to their quality of life.

Eat more roughage and fruits and vegetables.

Supplemental testosterone is not new, and San Francisco even has an “aging management” clinic to help older men get back on their old days. But supplementing testosterone is not reliable. The most important adverse reactions that may occur in the long-term treatment of testosterone are liver function damage, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, prostate hyperplasia, and prostate cancer. Therefore, it is a long way to cultivate good living habits.

In a state of mind, be calm and optimistic; Diet, pay attention to the reasonable diet and balanced nutrition, thick and thin, with vegetables, and as reasonable collocation, eat more foods rich in protein, calcium and vitamins, such as a more roughage and fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid polysaccharide, salt, oil, food; Cooking methods should be more cooked and less Fried; Outdoor sports are indispensable, but do your best. A proper life is still necessary. In addition, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable body weight and stop smoking.

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