What about cramps?The three main causes of cramping and four countermeasures.

Recently the pressure is big insomnia, good not easy to sleep, the big midnight foot, the leg suddenly cramps, causes the intense pain, the long spread does not go, the sleep that is not easy to agglutinate also completely dissipates!According to the study, the frequency of cramps increases with age, with about 14 percent of people over 45 years old, and more than 50 percent of those aged 65 or older.Who was the killer who caused the cramp?How to prevent it?


Cramps can worsen sleep quality.

Japan famous doctor ping Tian Cong said the cramp in addition to the current pain, uncomfortable feeling will continue to remain about 30 minutes, if for cramp in sleep and wake up, even if consciousness is not clear, did not wake up, the awakening of brain waves in reaction will also let the brain judgment we are awake, resulting in decreased shorter sleep time, sleep quality, and cause other adverse effects caused by a lack of sleep.

Japan new hospital Lin Songkai physician has mentioned in the article, older people often because long-term chronic dehydration, malnutrition, diuretics, blood circulation, and many other factors, lead to more easily as they get older foot cramps.For the elderly, the already poor quality of sleep, and the problem of cramping is simply adding insult to injury.

What are the causes of cramps?

Ping Tian Cong said that cramps are a mechanism of the body, if use instrument testing for those who often sleep foot cramps, would find abnormal muscle activity, the abnormal activity can lead to foot muscle contraction, and that is the reason why the cramp.In addition to healthy people, the following causes can be caused by strenuous exercise, swimming, long walking and excessive use of the muscles of the foot.

1- nerve or muscle disease.
Cirrhosis of the liver
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als)
Lumbar disease
Fluid or electrolyte abnormalities.
Women are also prone to cramping in pregnancy, but are usually able to recover after giving birth.

Causes of cramps 2- side effects.
A drop in blood pressure medicine
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor.
Calcium channel blockers.
Beta-blocker (beta-blocker)
Treatment with hyperlipidemia.
Injection of male and female hormones.
Insulin injection
In addition, excessive alcohol intake can also cause cramping.

Prevent and improve cramps.

Except it see doctor clarify the real reason for the cramp, taichung the clear view of traditional Chinese medicine, deputy director of Zhou Jiechuan, said Chinese medicine point of view, cause cramping is due to “insufficient liver blood” “blood not rong jin”, blood can’t fully moisten brawn, cause muscle JuLuan, we can massage acupuncture points, through the following ways to improve cramps:

Massage before going to bed: first of all sit, then one of the feet straight out, the same side of the hand also straight to the foot of the pressure, or use towel to cover the direction of your own.
Soak feet: soak your feet in a bucket with warm water. The water level is better than three inches above the ankle.Warm water helps the blood circulate and the habit of forming feet not only dramatically reduces the chance of cramping in the middle of the night, but also helps to relax.
Acupressure: the point in the middle of the lower leg, stretching the lower leg or lifting the heel, is called the “mountain point”.Pressing this hole in the middle of the night has the effect of first aid.
Try sleeping on your side: it’s easy to get cramps in the evening, instead of sleeping on the side, and covering up less heavy cotton, to some extent, to improve muscle cramps.

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