This way of drinking water hurts the kidneys.

Kidney health and female beauty has an important link, kidney is not good, will cause hair dry, dark circles, hands and feet cold symptoms, so that women’s beauty discount! Many people want to protect the kidneys through health products, but in fact, all kinds of bad habits in life is the root cause of kidney deficiency!


(1) Drink eight cups of water a day?

Do not know when, appeared the so-called health concept, eight cups of water a day, drink more water can detox, but also can scour the large intestine or something. In fact, this drink water, very hurt kidney, serious will also cause kidney deficiency, can not suppress urine.

Analysis: Guangdong Province Chinese Hospital kidney doctor Mao Wei

There are individual differences in the amount of drinking water, which cannot be dogmatic followed by “eight cups a day.”

Healthy people just grasp the thirst is not thirsty, water will not stomach swelling uncomfortable this principle. If you want to drink water and drink, you can drink it.

The stomach function, the kidney function, the heart function, the hepatic function is not good, the water must measure for enters, sees the perspiration quantity and the urine quantity to decide the drinking water quantity, the drinking water overmuch can cause oedema, even water intoxication . and renal function is poor edema, is doing swelling treatment of people “out” of the amount of more than “into” the amount.

Urinary Tract Infection people usually have to develop the habit of drinking more water, give full play to the urethra “flushing” role, to avoid bacterial reproduction, and kidney stonespatients with more water than ordinary people, the purpose is to speed up the discharge of urine, In the kidney precipitation and accumulation of calcium, debris out of the body, not to form stone.

(2) Do not like to drink water

Metabolism in the body of waste mainly from the liver and kidney treatment, the most important part of the kidney is responsible for regulating the internal water and electrolyte balance, metabolic physiological activities generated by waste, side by side in the urine, but in its carrying out these functions, need enough water to assist. If you do not drink water for a long time, the amount of urine will decrease, and the concentration of waste and toxins carried in the urine will increase. Clinically common kidney stones, hydronephrosis, and so on are closely related to long time without drinking water.

(3) Replacing boiling water with beverages

Most people do not love plain water, in contrast, soda, cola, such as carbonated beverages or coffee drinks are naturally the best alternative to boiled water. However, the caffeine contained in these beverages often causes blood pressure to rise, and high blood pressure is one of the most important factors in kidney injury.

(4) Drinking strong tea

Some people think drink tea can hangover, in fact, this is not only ineffective, but also hurt the kidney. Experts said that the tea in the theophylline can affect the kidney and play a diuretic role, at this time the alcohol has not yet been decomposed and then discharged from the kidneys, so that the kidneys are stimulated by a large amount of ethanol, thereby damaging renal function

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