This spot is actually skin cancer.

Are the pigmentation spots on the face all age spots ? What are the possible diseases besides age spots? How do I differentiate between age spots and skin cancer ? Through this article, I come to you resolving answer confused.


Age spots generally do not require treatment

We often say that the age of plaque, in the medical treatment of Seborrheic Kok disease, is a common clinical benign skin lesions, middle-aged and elderly people are good hair (young people may also be president).

It is generally believed that, in addition to age and congenital heredity, the emergence of plaque is related to many factors. such as excessive intake of fat, antioxidants (such as vitamin E) too little, and even the oil splash on the hand left pigmentation, easy to cause its premature appearance. But the primary cause of plaque is excessive ultraviolet radiation.

The number of age spots is in the hands or face because the two parts are exposed most of the time. If you have more spots on your hands than your face, it usually means that you do not have good sunscreen on your hands and vice versa. Therefore, to prevent age spots, the most important thing is to do sunscreen work, and try to avoid drying, frozen.

Early patches are small, flat, clearly demarcated patches with smooth surfaces, yellowish brown or brown tea. Later, the rash gradually increased, thickening, the surface is more papillary tumor-like hyperplasia, can form a thick layer of fat scab. Over time, patches will gradually become prominent, color variation is very large, will appear pale tea brown and even dark brown, black. The course of the disease usually progresses slowly, and the damaged parts can be enlarged to the surrounding area, but they can also be melted into large chunks.

Age spots generally do not require treatment, only aesthetic problems. The use of laser treatment will be able to achieve the ideal cosmetic effect, can also be used in liquid nitrogen freezing treatment. Attention should be paid to this beauty is not the general sense of beauty, which belongs to the treatment of medical cosmetology category, must choose the Normal hospital. Part of the claim to be able to beauty freckle, remove moles of the clinic or beauty salon, may not have the ability to diagnose clearly, plus may not understand the structure of moles, once the wrong treatment may lead to complications, such as scars, malignant change, etc., patients need to choose carefully.

Don’t mistake skin cancer for age spots

56-Year-old Liu, the face of these years, the “black spot” has grown particularly crazy. She was surprised at her “age spots” came so early, so had to frequent access to beauty salons, but the effect of freckle is not obvious, she has to go to plastic surgeryHospital to do laser. However, when the doctor saw its dark spots, it was suspected that this is not a common “age plaque”, after a test was found to be a basal cell carcinoma .

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is one of the most common malignant tumors in dermatology, which is more than 40 years old. Basal cell carcinoma (70%~90%) is particularly prone to the head and face, and some of them occur on the nasal side, cheek and forehead. Therefore, in daily life, many women think this is just a common “age spots.”

In addition to basal cell carcinoma, other cutaneous tumors include malignant melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma , Baldwin Disease, and sun-like sex disease . The Sun may increase the number of exposed parts of the pigmented nevus , or cause certain diseases to become malignant, such as sunlight and basal cell carcinoma, but with the age of such a good sexually transmitted diseases has an essential difference. Therefore, in the end is the age of age or skin cancer, must be clearly divided into the treatment.

How to distinguish between age spots and skin cancer? Generally speaking, the shape is asymmetrical, the color is uneven, the diameter is bigger than 0.6cm and assumes the bulge the mole; grows in the palm, arch, the lip red and the genital mole and so on needs to cause the attention, may have the malignant transformation risk. In addition, it is a precancerous lesion of skin cancer that patients need special attention.

Skin cancer site superficial, easy to contact, so the treatment method is more. such as surgical resection, radiotherapy, cryotherapy, laser therapy, local drug physical corrosion therapy and chemotherapy. Most of the skin malignancies and precancerous lesions can be cured early, such as sunlight and basal cell carcinoma. Early detection early intervention early treatment, can play a good therapeutic effect, and can prevent canceration.

How to treat age spots correctly

If you have an age plaque, you should stop exposure. Whether the long age of age is related to physical fitness, some people grow particularly much, some people are very little long, or very old only a few, the reason is not very clear. To prevent age spots or increase the age of age, the most important is to prevent sun exposure, avoid sunlight.

Secondly, it should be known that the pigmentation of the face of the skin is mostly benign, do not ignore it, without undue tension. If there are some increasing trends in the face of the mole , dark spots or other suspicious nodular plaque lesions, we must pay attention to early diagnosis and treatment, make the right choice to avoid serious consequences.

In the folk, many people use garlic to rub old age spot, think can light spot even eliminate spot. Others suggest using vitamin E liquids to smear age spots. This is not really a normative approach, nor is it necessary.

Now the Department of Dermatology has a very professional drug, use and pharmaceutical ingredients are very clear, wipe every day, dose and effect are guaranteed, and casually with ginger, vitamin E liquid, garlic … Concentration do not know, the volume is not easy to grasp, but not to cause side effects, it is recommended not to abuse folk remedies.

Daily life also has a lot of methods to prevent age, such as eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat some sweet potatoes, oatmeal, dinner do not eat too full, weekdays more walking, promote bowel function peristalsis, keep defecate unobstructed, daily. As far as possible to avoid exposure in the sun, to maintain a pleasant mood, active fitness, promote blood circulation and so on, all of these methods can delay or reduce the light age plaque.

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