Sweating at night can be fatal

Mood suddenly good and bad, lost interest in the past, even loss of desire, often tired, no life goals, men should beware of health problems.


  Question one: Do you often bathroom at night?

Answer “no”, pass;

Irregular bathroom may be due to: first, the increase in age makes the muscles more weak, and the second is because of drinking a lot of coffee, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, or sleep disorders. If appear bursting, micturition quantity is very few, urine or semen contain blood, this may be uric road infection , prostatitis .

Response: At night, often bathroom should be through the prostate finger inspection, smear examination and other related tests to understand whether they suffer from prostatitis, urinary tract infection and other urinary diseases.

  Question two: Do you often sweat a lot?

Answer “no”, pass;

A large amount of sweating (especially at night), loss of desire, irritability, depression and poor morning conditions may be associated with a decrease in male testosterone levels. Many men acknowledge that these symptoms occur around age 50, and another possible cause is a decrease in male gonadal function, which results in lower testosterone levels.

Response: Testosterone treatment can not only improve physical dysfunction, but also help reduce cholesterol levels.

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